Why I am being asked to Register For Accessing Reports/Photos etc?

In order to make it easy for the first time website visitors to find information about Sant Nirankari Mission, the mission website is now separated into two separate logical sites accessible from the same URL (http://www.nirankari.org).
These two sites are being referred as
- External Site or Internet Site – This is the default site as accessible from www.nirankari.org. . This site is very small and has content which is targeted for new visitors who are not familiar with Nirankari Mission. This would have all public non secured content . The content here includes History, Ideology, Community Services, Insight, Centers

- Members Only Site or Intranet Site – This site is accessible from the External web site when users login to www.nirankari.org and is targeted for members of Nirankari Mission. All the content in this site would require users to login to access the content. This means all member of Nirankari Mission who accesses website would need to create a username/password on the website, by clicking on "New User" link from left hand side of nirankari.org home page.  
Registration would allow you to collaborate and communicate with other Sant Nirankari Mission members worldwide, using tools like Private Messages and Discussion Forums.
Also registration would allow you to have complete access to all the content which is not accessible from "External Site" including  "Reports  and Photos", "Discourses", "Samagam", "Organization Details" , "Youth", "Literature" and "Multimedia". More information in Site Map

More Information about this can also be found at http://www.nirankari.org/intranet/Home/News/websiteredesignupdate.html

Who Should Register and Create Account In A Family?

It is expected that every member of family including kids should register and manage their own profile.
This will allow them to stay up to date with latest information from nirankari.org as well as particpate in various activities..

Can you provide step by step guide to creation of new user.
Please refer to URL http://www.nirankari.com/tech_problems/intranet/create_user.shtml with details of steps involved in registration process.

Who has access to the information provided during registration?

Please note the information provided during the registration process is kept confidential and not shared with anyone. Information provided during registration allows us to better target our website and services based on the demographic details of the website users. Also in future, registration feature shall allow members of various SNM branches to be able to check their duties etc in secured way. 

How do I change my email address or password?
You can change your email address on the "Update your Profile" page. After you login to the site, click on "Update Your Profile" link from left hand side menu. This would bring you to profile page. Now click on Edit -> Update your profile on top of the page. Then navigate to tab "Sign Up Info" .Over here change your password, verify your password again or change your email address. After all the updates, click on "Update" button at bottom of page.

I have lost my username or password?

Please go to mission home page at http://www.nirankari.org/ and then click on "Lost Password" link on left hand side. Then select the checkbox whether you have lost your username or you have lost your password. You must remember the email address which was used for registration and provide the email address. Your password shall be reset and shall be emailed to the email address registered with the site.

How do I edit my profile?
To update your profile, click "Update Your Profile" in left Members Panel menu.

Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the screen when you're done.
Try to put your best foot forward with at least one photo detailed information about your interests.

What are the supported browsers?
SNM internal and external sites are certified with Internet explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 3.x or higher, Google Chrome 3.0 or higher, Safari 3.x or higher

I am not able to find previous/page section I am used to seeing on website?

Please refer to Site Map for complete site map both internal and external

What Is Forum

Please refer to Forum Help section for detailed step by step guide to Discussion Forums.
All saints are requested to participate actively in discussion forums.
More information about how to use Nirankari Forums can be found at