Nirankari Youth Symposium, Games, Birmingham: July 26-28, 2019

NYS UK and Europe: Sewa Dal Rally

The start to the 3rd day of United Kingdom Nirankari Youth Symposium (NYS) was with an amazing disciplined Sewadal Rally. Blessing all the volunteers of the Sewadal Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“We all have gathered here for the second time in a day to observe Sewadal Rally and the participation is not only from UK but, from across Europe. I would like to pray for everyone to be blessed with more and more strength to do selfless services further too. In today’s scenario, managing time is the biggest challenge and as we speak of Sewa; it is performed through Mental (Man), Material (Dhan) and Physical (Tan) aspects. As far as physical part of service is concerned, we find ourselves struggling with the time crunch. If we manage our priorities and improve our lifestyle, we will find ourselves devoting time to each and everything that needs to be done including Sewa. A certain routine is formed and everything falls in place with the Grace of Nirankar.

During the preparations of NYS, all round zeal and contribution was seen from various age groups, to make this event successful, be it youth, children or elderly saints. I would like to thank each and every one for performing and managing the Sewa so well. Duties on various levels like, langar, parking and various other miscellaneous Sewas were executed and carried out with utmost sincerity. May Nirankar bless everyone with ever increasing passion towards selfless service. While the Sewadal (volunteers) practiced for this event, they also provide their contribution to the youth, committed for the NYS event. Upashak Ji has also explained in detail about the services that Nirankari mission is contributing towards the society. May this fervour towards Sewa continue to grow and you all are able to take out time for Sewa in the upcoming Samagam too, in the month of November.”

*   *   *