Nirankari Youth Symposium, Games, Birmingham: July 26-28, 2019

NYS UK and Europe: Satsang Programme

The vital conclusion of the United Kingdom Nirankari Youth Symposium (NYS) in Birmingham was marked with a vast Satsang Programme. Hundreds of devotees from various countries and India too attended this heart-warming spiritually enriched congregation.

Satguru Mata Ji blessed all devotees and stated:

“Today in this Satsang hall which we consider as a central place to celebrate Oneness, all have gathered to glorify this Formless One and I am delighted to observe such zeal and enthusiasm for Satsang. To make this whole event successful and memorable, you all have spent sleepless nights and this can be seen evidently in the execution. Lots of technical preparations, presentations and rehearsals have been going on for a month. This dedication towards selfless duties is appreciable. May Nirankar bless everyone with more and more devotion. Today, we also noticed that regardless of age and gender, everyone gave the message of soul awakening, that we must know about our origin.

As we know that soul is a part of the Super Soul and we have spoken about this Formless One in various languages, whichever holy scripture we read we find that Nirankar is the ultimate truth, for example in Christianity, Bible speaks about the same entity. For over centuries, all the religions have been preaching about humanity, oneness, harmony in oneness and a world without discrimination. We need to work towards such a world which has no walls in the name of cast, colour and creed instead we all must act as a bridge, connecting people and lives together. We have to decide what we want to make, walls or bridges. In recent times it is seen that people are getting aware of this evil called casteism and they understand that this should not be the part of their life but, it certainly is not eliminated from our system. In India, people discriminate in the name of castes but, in western countries it is seen in the form of racism.

We should learn to rise above the narrow mindedness and accept people as they are, without getting critical towards them. This life of ours is actually a journey of a soul, it must not be limited to the body and the purpose of our life is to establish a connection with Nirankar. Yesterday, while addressing the questions, there was one query about alcohol that how in a certain situation, a small amount might act as a remedy for body but, if intake is not monitored strictly with self-control then it will become addiction in no time. So, at the very first step such things need to be stopped which are not good for the body, for the family and for the society. When we realise that someone is coping with this problem, then we should refrain from judging that person; instead we should help him as a friend, as a community. We should learn to behave sensitively especially in today’s time when everything spreads like wildfire. In today’s time we are not just citizens of our country but, have become global citizens because social media has connected everyone on a global level and things happening in one part of the world spread worldwide within a few seconds and impacts can be seen in due course.

So, we need to be mindful and thoughtful about the consequences of our actions since the outcomes are not restricted to the family but, a ripple is created on a much larger scale. Let this be a wave of goodness. There’s a story in which a bird picked a burning straw in her beak and threw it over the logs of wood to spread the fire whereas another bird filled water in her beak and dipped her wings in a nearby stream to cease that fire. She did this time and time again. Seeing this, the first bird told her to fly away as her efforts to put out the fire were not working. To this, the second bird replied that she is doing her bit of goodness no matter how small it is. In the times to come, she will never be in the category of destroyers and whenever she will reflect upon her own karmas, she wouldn’t be ashamed of them. Regardless of her tiny capacity and a huge challenge in the form of a massive fire, she did not get discouraged and did what was right. Our approach too should be positive and to do our best under adverse circumstances. This world is full of positivity and negativity both; it’s up to us to choose our path. This is where our consciousness comes into play and the Divine Knowledge directs us to the right direction. In today’s times we are flooded with choices and decisions and often we find it confusing to make up our mind but if we imbibe the human virtues and make them a part of our lifestyle then our natural reaction and decisions would be in alignment with the intrinsic qualities that we look out for, in humans, As they say, what is inside is reflected outside. If someone gets rude to us then we do not need to reciprocate in the same way, we can choose to stay calm and give that person the benefit of doubt and this will ease down the situation. Remember, an eye for an eye only makes the world blind.

Instead of being vengeful, we can choose to forgive. Yesterday, we heard about how spirituality should not be restricted to just few hours but, it should be a way of life. It’s a process that must go on round the clock. If we are spiritual beings then we must practice it in our actions by being sensitive towards others and by not hurting others. Everyone has got a different life span; some have twenty years to live and some get hundred years but, whatever time we have, we must realise our true identity. People often give more importance to the body not realising that soul is what keeps the body going as it’s a part of the eternal Super Soul. Brahmgyan helps in seeing the truth clearly and we get enlightened with Divine Knowledge.

When we talk about self-realisation through God-realisation, we actually speak about knowing our true identity. Just as we saw the tag line of NYS, which was youth guided by truth but, what truth are we talking about? For example, the time zone of this continent would be different with respect to another continent. There might be day at one place and night somewhere else so what looks true is actually an illusion. What we feel is true in one moment can change in another moment. God is the ultimate truth. He was, is and will always be there. We should constantly strive to become better since we are the extensions of this Super Soul and He dwells in us. Saints and sages have spoken about “Manurbhav’ which means ‘be a human in the true sense’. Being in human body is just not enough. By walking on the path of Brahmgyan and doing Sewa, Simran and Satsang we can imbibe such human qualities easily and divinity will reflect from our day to day actions.

I will not take further time now, as Sewadal Rally is going to take place soon followed by Sufi Sangeet programme. I’ll get a chance to meet you all twice again. I would like to thank everybody for taking out time to be a part of today’s Satsang including the guests, Sangat and others. Those who chose to come to Sangat and listened to every word spoken here should try to implement the learnings. May the bliss of our life continue to exist at all times and does not only restrict to the Satsang time alone. May our lives be blessed with the state of blissfulness, serenity and art of balancing life. Let no ups and downs of life bother us and we learn to uphold our equanimity regardless of any situation. I would like to congratulate everyone for executing the NYS event successfully. Everyone’s contribution including the elderly saints and youngsters is appreciable. May Nirankar bless everyone with the ever-increasing devotion and dedication towards Sewa.”

*   *   *