Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: October 26, 2019

After a lapse of a couple of years the Delhi, NCR saints got an opportunity to attend the Diwali Satsang in the Divine presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

A feeling of happiness and celebration prevailed amongst all. Addressing the gathering Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints keep looking for an opportunity to attend a congregation, so today, we all have gathered here to participate in the Diwali Satsang. In the past few years, due to certain reasons we could not hold the Diwali congregation, but this year with the blessings of Nirankar, everyone is enjoying the celebrations.

Since the beginning of the satsang, saints have been reinforcing that it is only with Nirankar’s grace that we have received Brahmgyan. With the Divine Knowledge the true light has been ignited in our minds and heart. With the light of this knowledge the darkness of ignorance in our thoughts has been removed. There are no doubts in our mind and a feeling of oneness is generated. We realize that in spite of diversity in food, clothes, culture; the same divinity resides in all beings. There is no discrimination amongst each other. There is unity in diversity. Brahmgyan (God Knowledge) gives you the ability and knowledge to see that only one same God Parmatma resides in everyone.

The quote written behind me, selected from Hardev Bani says, that darkness goes away only when light comes in. No matter how old the lamp of darkness may be; as soon as it is ignited, it starts glowing. In the same manner, when we are enlightened by the Brahmgyan, we get a clarity of thought. Everything becomes clear and we are able to see things as they are in their true form. There is a very famous line that the light within you cannot be diminished, which means that the light of enlightenment can neither reduce nor be dimmed or finished, because this Divine Knowledge is eternal and is in every particle of the universe. The whole universe is illumined due to this Divine Light. We must always remember that darkness cannot remove darkness; it is the Divine Light, which removes it. Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj used to say that we have to be like a candle that not only emits light but, brightens the surroundings too. Similarly, we have to be the same candle that brings light of knowledge in the lives of those who are living in darkness. If by chance we are unable to brighten the other person’s life then we should try to be a mirror that reflects the light so that the brightness prevails. This Diwali is not limited to any particular date or any incident only. Actually Diwali signifies lights and that is when the soul is enlightened it blossoms even during tough times of life. No matter what the circumstances are, it does not fade away and emits light like an eternal flame. Today, we are getting the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy, but we must realize that if we are not connected with Nirankar (God), this life is worthless; even if we have the true knowledge.

In the end, I pray that with Nirankar’s grace may our hearts shine bright, may our souls stay connected with the Brahmgyan. May the connection become so strong and permanent that even we are unable to break it. The body will perish but, the soul’s connection shall remain. May we keep enjoying these moments of happiness but, it is important to remember that if we are not connected with Nirankar, then life is worthless, in spite of attaining Brahmgyan.

I have repeatedly made this statement that in all given situations we must live in gratitude. On our own we don’t have the ability to attain this Brahmgyan. With this knowledge we have been elevated to the level of a saint and are addressed as ‘Mahatma’. We must be conscious of this grace. We must treasure and do justice to it. May we always stay connected with Brahmgyan and may this light shine through us. May we be able to spread this light in each house.”

*   *   *