Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Gurugram, Haryana: October 22, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj has been blessing saints of Greater Delhi starting from Faridabad and then Gurgaon on October 22nd, 2019.

The evening was charged by saints contributing in Sewa to welcome their Satguru. Satsang was held at the Huda Ground near Gymkhana Club.

Addressing hundreds of devotees and God loving people Satguru Mata Ji said:

“For the past three hours, everyone has been listening to the invaluable words shared by the devotees and since time immemorial, saints have shared the same message for us to realise our true self. To not believe that this human body is our only true identity. Our soul is a small part of the supreme power, and after changing and taking many forms has taken the form of a human body, increasing our potential.

There is another school of thought which believes in the present life and not in the past or future. For them, it is only this human life which is important and it is during this life we have to decide how we want to spend our time, thoughts and actions. We all have a choice to either bring a smile on someone’s face, we can either give joy and happiness to others or we can be the cause of sorrow for someone. Choice is ours whether we went to show hatred or give importance to others.

We all are fully aware of the fact that only one Supreme Power or energy resides in all beings. Rather, as mentioned in Satsang today we are encouraged to build a world without walls, a world of love, compassion, acceptance and humility. It is our duty to imbibe these human qualities. But, why is it so that repeatedly we are reminded to be human. These values should be a part of human nature. We must reflect upon the right and wrong actions in life. We must put forward our best behaviour to our full potential. This life is a very good platform to express these thoughts and emotions. A conscious effort should be made to improve everyday. After experiencing Brahmgyan we should enhance our lives. We should never judge anyone. Not only that, we should be able to pinpoint a person’s shortcomings without hurting his feelings. The only way to guide others is by doing the right action because actions speak much louder than words.

Not only that, if we can visualize that our actions can bring a positive change in the other person then we should do those actions with the grace of Nirankar. We are not going to question the Supreme Power. There should not be any situation in our lives where we doubt Nirankar’s presence and grace. There should not be any question of ‘why’ in our lives. Nirankar is eternal and omnipresent. It is our shortcoming and lack of faith which creates a distance between Nirankar and us. It is a waste of our precious time if we are always in a complaining mode and not in gratitude.

We must realise that we have to perform our obligatory duties towards our family and society; we cannot shirk away from them. Along with these responsibilities we must remember the purpose of life. To be in tune with Nirankar, the supreme power, let there be no moment where we forget His presence. We have to see divinity in everyone around us. We are not going to raise any demands or try to exercise our authority on anyone. We have to be humble, love one another, and consider everyone as saints carrying the divine light.

Our focus should be on our duties and responsibilities towards the family, and the society. While performing them we have to stay focused on our personal target and direction. May we always remember Nirankar by doing Simran. May we be able to maintain an equilibrium in our thoughts and actions and see only the divinity in fellow beings.

When Sewa, Simran, Satsang becomes a part of our lives then Nirankar takes over the responsibility of each soul. Remembrance of Nirankar has to be a full time devotion and not a part time activity. There is a very famous saying to explain this concept. Nirankar is like a steering wheel of our lives and not a spare tyre kept in the car’s boot. Which reflects that with the steering wheel one can drive the car in any direction. Presence of Nirankar has to be the steering wheel of our life which can steer us through life. It cannot be that we remember Him when we are in trouble or use Him like a spare tyre.

I will take your leave now. Our 72nd Samagam is around the corner. We all must contribute to the best of our abilities in every way. Let the concept of Vasudev Kutumbkam be exemplified by all of us. It is my sincere prayer that may we all enjoy the Divine Bliss and may we keep improving our lives.”

*   *   *