Text report, October 15: Ghaziabad, UP -Satsang Programme

Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh: October 15, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the saints of East Delhi at Ghaziabad on October 15, 2019 in pretext of the upcoming 72nd Annual Sant Samagam.

Addressing hundreds of devotees, Her Holiness said:

“Today in Ghaziabad, while enjoying the blissful atmosphere of the Satsang, everyone is experiencing the connection and presence of Nirankar around us. We all get many occasions to attend Satsangs but, it is equally important to increase our routine of Sewa and Simran. Whenever we feel our connectivity with Nirankar is fading away, we should make an effort to do Simran, which can be practised anywhere and anytime. For Sewa; the Annual Samagam in November is around the corner which will give us an opportunity to render our services with humility, devotion and complete surrender.

Nirankar has created this beautiful, scenic, perfect world for mankind. Yet it is stated here that there is a need to make this universe beautiful. Let us contemplate over this statement, that at which level is the beautification of the earth required. The oceans, the mountains, valleys, all are very scenic, it is the human being who creates the garbage and makes the place dirty physically as well as emotionally. That awareness is required which makes the man responsible to keep the outer as well as inner being very clean and pure. It is his duty to preserve the beauty of the universe in every aspect. To do this it is necessary to bring a change in the thoughts and actions. This change of attitude towards life and the universe is possible only by attending the Satsang and by being in the company of saints and sages. In Satsang we learn the art of living. When we focus on our shortcomings and improvise our mistakes this earth will become beautiful automatically.

“Earth is a reflection of Heaven,” this is a common phrase heard in our lives. All this is possible when we purify our thoughts. There is enough beauty around us, only human mind needs correction. We have to create a world of peace, love and harmony. The concept of heaven does not mean that there is such a place which has to be attained after death. Rather it is a happy and a positive state of mind which can be achieved while living in this body. Everything depends upon the choices made by a human being.

Today the world has progressed in many fields. We get to see many tall beautiful buildings around us and we must appreciate the progress made by the man in society. So many inventions have been made to make our lives very comfortable. It is equally important that all this progress is used for good cause only. Baba Ji often used to say that” we have guided missiles but, misguided men”. Man has the power and the means to give a command to the satellite to hit a particular target and destroy the world. Human mind and intellect works negatively. There is another famous saying that man has reached the moon but still does not know how to walk on earth. What use is this progress if it is limited to selfish needs and does not benefit the society. Human being is filled with arrogance and wants only personal glory. Consequently this earth can’t be a reflection of Heaven. It is our duty to create a world of peace, love, and harmony along with beautiful houses and good living. We must also realise that we should be thankful to Nirankar in all situations.

We must live with the belief that whatever we have in our lives is the best for us. After attaining the Divine Knowledge there should be a transformation in us. We should imbibe the qualities of tolerance, and acceptance. There should be no element of hatred and anger in us. We should spend time in self-analysis. Instead of fulfilling personal selfish instincts it is important to follow the teachings of saints and sages. We should not forget the purpose of this human life. We should work towards making it worthwhile. It should be an asset and not a burden to the society.

We have to leave the lower, selfish desires and work towards creating a world without walls. We must make a positive contribution towards society where there is oneness, love, peace, brotherhood, respect for one another. This is the philosophy of the Nirankari Mission and as a devotee we all must justify it truly. We can enhance our lives by following the teachings of the Mission. Then we are a blessing to the society.

May Nirankar bless all with Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Today so many devotees have come from far to contribute their share in the activities of the Samagam. May we all live a life of devotion and awareness. May we all stay connected to Nirankar and feel his presence. Just like oxygen is a must to breathe, in the similar manner our awareness of Nirankar also becomes an inseparable part of our lives. We all know that the moment you take the fish out of water it suffers and eventually it dies. This reflects the thought that the fish cannot stay without water. A devotee’s state of mind should also be like the fish. He should be so well connected with Nirankar that he becomes inseparable. In fact, fish can still express its state when taken out of water, but the human soul cannot express because it is always in Nirankar. The whole universe is in Nirankar only. We all have to strive for this kind of devotion in ourselves. Only then we will be able to leave an impact and benefit the society.

This earth can be a beautiful place to live when there is no malice in the hearts. When we are able to see divinity in everyone we realise that we all are the creations of one creator. When we know that we all have to merge in Nirankar and know where and what is our source. After this realisation seems very trivial, everything except love and compassion. Then there are no barriers of caste, creed, colour, food, culture and the other person’s behaviour does not bother us instead the shortcomings are overlooked. Then we are willing to bow down to the other person and we also wish and desire to inculcate saintly qualities in our lives. It is the feeling of love which unites everyone. We are many in number but, only one Nirankar resides in all of us. It is this outlook of oneness, compassion, love which makes this earth a beautiful place to live.”

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