Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From September 07, 2019 onwards
Bathinda, Punjab: September 09, 2019

After the Patiala Samagam, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj with entourage moved for next station of Punjab i.e. Bathinda along with the entourage on September 9, 2019. There was an immense Satsang programme held at open ground of Bathinda, (Punjab). Satguru Mata Ji blessed the devotees of the congregation and stated:

“Today here in Bathinda, I am very pleased to see all the saints who have gathered here to glorify Nirankar. We already know how He dwells in every heart, just as we heard in a verse that Nirankar is omnipresent and this Formless Divine is what we all are. The purpose of this life is to become aware of the fact that the soul is a part of Super Soul. Once we start seeing this Divine Light in every one then we have feelings of love towards one another but, for this we must realise that we are all extensions of this formless Divine. We all are sitting here blissfully without even knowing each other’s name but, we know the ultimate truth through which we are connected to each other.

In order to love everybody, we need to love Nirankar, for that we must have that understanding that we belong to one Almighty Father. Brahmgyan removes the ignorance and we begin to see the truth. After attaining the consciousness, we see that divinity in everyone and love becomes the natural emotion for everyone. As stated by Kabir Ji, “Dhai Akshar Prem Ka Padhe so Pandit Hoye “which means, “Everyone is absorbed in reading scriptures ,But no one has become a scholar, he who has studied the four letters of ‘Love’ is the most learned. Love incorporates the essence of existence on this earth. One who attains the state of loving everyone unconditionally becomes liberated because this emotion extends and merges into Nirankar. Even for the strangers we feel love because God has created us in such a way that we are meant to love everyone around us. If we get engrossed in negative thoughts then our face begins to reflect the same disapproval through our expressions. After being blessed with the Divine Knowledge it is important to practice the peacefulness and increase the dose of love for everyone, which is the only way to love Nirankar.

When we begin to see everyone as one, carrying the same Divine Light then we stop being judgmental. We stop perceiving others as negative and rise above and beyond our prejudices. All the negative findings are replaced by warmth and friendly feelings. Brahmgyan helps us seeing this Divine Light.

Heart possessing love for the formless divine becomes the heart carrying love for one another. We learn to give benefit of doubt even when someone tries to hurt us. Those blessed with Divine Knowledge begins to ours look the harsh behaviour of a person and anger is replaced by empathy.

Unable to give benefit of doubt, one will not be able to love others in totality. We are quick to forgive and forget our own mistakes but, when it comes to others, it becomes hard for us to bring the same approach. In fact, we tend to be very quick to pass judgment for others.

We must learn to introspect our own actions and work constantly on our shortcomings while praying for the welfare of others. We must develop the ability to see other people through kindness. This is the only way to spread the message of love in this world.

The purpose of this life is to realise the ultimate truth. To see God and to know Him, should be our quest within. He is eternal, for He was always there and will continue to exist. The gap between our eyes and eyelashes might be more when it comes to Nirankar’s proximity with us. He is everywhere, inside and outside but, we are unable to realise his divinity because of our own ignorance. Brahmgyan is that endowment on us through which we are able to see that Divine Light. After this consciousness, our life changes for the better and best, since complaints are replaced by gratitude and we achieve the state of blissfulness. We now know the truth and recognize that Nirankar is the base of our existence and nothing is as important as this formless divine.

In the above line it is evident that to blissfully move ahead on this journey of life one must ascribe himself to the static source of bliss, the one who is eternal and perpetual. To stay safe during a stormy situation we are often told to hold on to something strong and deeply rooted. Likewise, a person has to go various ups and downs during a life time but, if our focus is aligned with Nirankar then everything becomes easier to face as we know that God is watching over us.

Knowing that God is watching over us gives great sense of satisfaction and relief. It brings consistency and stability to life because now we derive our energy and inspiration from a stable source that is Nirankar. Any kind of upheavals don’t agitate us instead we feel the tranquillity at every step of life which is reflected by Nirankar. When we understand that God’s work blends into each and every aspect of life then we refrain from doing anything wrong for us or for the society.

As the breathing is a natural process and we do it involuntarily, without any conscious effort, similarly desiring God in each moment of life should be a usual and effortless phenomenon. It should go along with everything else without waiting to extract some special time. We should stay connected with Almighty and the vibration of that connection should be felt through us.

Simran is the key to establish this connect with Nirankar. The bond with Nirankar gets deepened with more and more Simran which is very important because it is this Formless Divine who is in everything and yet undistinguishable and even after possessing immense qualities, He is still called Nirgun. God is the repository of all great qualities, and we must try to imbibe at least few of them. It is been expected from us since ages and this is how the bond with this formless divine get strengthened.

Brahmgyan gives the true meaning to our lives and those who are blessed with it, leave their egos behind. We must focus ourselves to one source of divinity, no matter with what name we are addressing Him but, our belief in Him should be firm. The moment we lose our spiritual focus, then things around us become tough and we begin to move towards destruction.

So basically, we have to work hard to keep our focus fixed on Nirankar and the moment spent without God should be considered wasted. Our life without God should be like a fish without water.

We must yearn for connect with the formless God. We know that God is immortal, weapons cannot cut Him, fire can’t burn Him and water cannot drown Him. Nothing can terminate His eternal existence similarly, once we have realised Him our consciousness and awareness should be eternal and nothing should be able to dismiss this Brahmgyan.

Today, despite of hot and uncomfortable weather, you all have not only taken out time to attend Satsang but, have sat through very patiently listening to each and every speaker. Your devotion towards Nirankar indicates that you all have left egos behind and there’s only one emotion prevailing here, which is surrender. The calming smiles on the face and bowed heads speak volumes about how a Gursikh should be. A true Gursikh always yearn to learn. When the Satsang is done with required decorum then we listen to each and every word spoken here, carefully while trying to implement them into our lives making it more and more beautiful and blissful. Nirankari Mission’s each follower should live life in such a way that where ever they go, they leave beautiful impressions behind, sending off an inspiration for everyone. Our good deeds should speak louder than our words to propagate the message of the mission. Following these teachings, makes us live happy herein, and serene hereafter.

We should spend each moment of our life ornamented with human values be it unity, brotherhood, oneness, compassion, empathy and endless virtues like these. When we are blessed with Brahmgyan, all these virtues follow suit provided we do not forget this Divine Knowledge. By remembering Nirankar we can move ahead on the journey of this life while following Brahmgyan.

Now, I would like to take leave of you as everyone has to go back to far-off places.”

*   *   *