Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj
From September 07, 2019 onwards

Patiala, Punjab: September 08, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left for a Spiritual Tour of a few cities of Punjab along with Her gracious spouse Rev Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage on the afternoon of September 7, 2019. The city of Patiala was the first halt. This city has a history associated with the Nirankari Mission as this is where Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj received His early education.

This was Satguru Mata Ji’s maiden tour to Patiala after taking the responsibility as Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission. Satguru Mata Ji inaugurated various Bhawans in this tour. Despite the heat thousands of devotees came from far and near to attend this Samagam. Every devotee was in a state of bliss seeing Satguru in their city.

On September 8, 2019, morning a huge Samagam was organized in an open ground in Patiala. Blessing the huge gathering of congregation Her Holiness Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj stated;

“I am feeling extremely delighted to see the saints not only from Patiala but, from the neighbouring areas too. Despite of the hot weather, everybody has not just travelled from distant places, but are sitting here patiently listening to the divine thoughts from the dias in the form of songs and speeches. Irrespective of different expressions, the message is only one that we all belong to one Supreme Soul. Just now we heard a line from the Sampuran Avtar Bani’s verse, stating that how a company of saints destroys all the evil desires and makes our life blissful and enlightened. The divine radiance reflects through the faces of saints and sages. Sometimes, we come across people having a powerful divine aura, these are blessed souls who implement the learning of Satsang into their lives and shine from within. They achieve the state of blissfulness and remain unaffected from outer circumstances. This calmness originates from deep inside and makes the surroundings even more peaceful.

Satsang and the company of saints, always teach us to keep our thoughts positive for others. Negative thoughts, besides being hurtful for others, harm us the most. Harsh words when spoken ruthlessly, disrupt the peace of the speaker and listener both. In Satsang, we learn to behave thoughtfully and acquire the habit of picking our words consciously.

Life is often full of ups and down, then why is it said that God-knowledge makes life blissful. That is because on realising God, we are able to see Him everywhere. Now we know that we are surrounded by His Divine existence. This realisation is enough to place us at harmony with our inner and outer situations. When materialistic plans or health do not respond as per our will then also, we need to keep our faith intact. Situations might not work out as per our desire but, Bhramgyan makes us see everything as per the will of Nirankar and whatever He does is the best for us at that moment. We must learn to be in gratitude all the time.

The more we attend Satsang, the more we can work on our flaws. It’s like picking pearls from the vast ocean. We knowingly get aligned with the goodness of enlightened saints and our life begins to change for the good. Our shortcomings and ego get replaced by love and humility. We should realise the importance of Satsang that how it changes everything for our own betterment provided we implement the learnings into our actions. Satsang should not be attended as a routine but, as a process to rectify our flaws and that is possible only through the applied execution, otherwise these are mere words and nothing more.

It is important to keep the company of an enlightened saint because he not only knows the eternal truth but, enables others to see through this Divine Light. It is a general perception that one cannot see God but, as stated in Avtar Bani that God is visible, we just need to have those eyes which can realise this divinity and that is possible only through the company of saints who have achieved the state of consciousness. The only prerequisite to achieve that state is to have the quest to know the truth and to see the soul, beyond the body. If we do not realise that soul is a part of the Super Soul and restrict our thoughts to the body then we will never be able to achieve the truth, but this can only be attained through the company of Brahmgyani (enlightened) saints.

The state of tranquillity and calmness can be achieved by attending Satsang regularly because it enables us to see the positivity in every situation. We learn to surrender to God’s will and stop finding faults in people. We begin to focus on our shortcomings and start to work towards rectifying them. A person following teachings of Satsang eventually learns to spend each moment in bliss.

Each word spoken in Satsang is like divine nectar; every drop of which is precious and used judiciously because it leads to immortality. Likewise, if we begin to implement each word spoken in Satsang into our lives then our soul achieves the state of blissfulness and we begin to feel liberated as if our soul is taking a dip in the holy nectar.

We often speak and hear about five evils which are Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar. These evils supersede us in no time. If someone appreciates us then we become arrogant, even if we don’t realise it during that moment, it seeps inside slowly; when we are criticised for something then we get annoyed. Our emotions fluctuate as per our mood which is controlled by our spiritual faculties (5 senses), but controlling the senses is important in order to achieve a bigger goal, a goal of self-realisation. If reins of the horses are under our control, we ride safely and reach our destination. Our senses are also like a horse, which need to be controlled by the mind. Similarly, we should learn to control our emotions instead of being controlled by them. This is possible only when we have constant realisation of Nirankar. The remembrance of almighty keeps us aware of our path and we avoid doing anything wrong purposely. Sometimes, we get overpowered by the intensity of our emotions to the extent of damage but, the awareness of Nirankar keeps us on the right track and turns our negativity into positivity.

Sometimes when things do not go as per our will then we get frustrated sometimes. The temptation of getting the desired results make us frantic and we often lose our cool. Our mind gets controlled by anger and we use harsh words but spirituality is all about achieving the state of tranquillity. It makes us rise above and beyond the effect of outer circumstances and we find ourselves at bliss. Nothing affects us anymore now. Contentment and grief are perceived as a state of mind. A saint acquires the nature of a river, which doesn’t get affected by a huge rock standing on its way; instead it turns its way by not getting disturbed. No obstruction scares the river because it knows that ultimately it has to merge in the ocean thus, it is best to continue the journey with humility. We must learn this attribute of humbleness and positivity from the river. How it paves its way despite of adversities.

It is very important to be in the company of saints always and to attend Satsang on regular basis because that is the place where we find ourselves at bliss and our mind is content too. Otherwise, in the outer world, we are always distracted by series of thoughts and often find ourselves lost amidst the conversations. This can be avoided only through the realisation of Nirankar. Saints and sages leave this deep, calming impact on our mind which give a pause to the chaotic thoughts which run in our mind.

This year, Sant Nirankari Mission is celebrating 90 years of its existence and to truly propagate mission’s message we must learn to reflect its teachings through our actions. The message of universal brotherhood, oneness, unity, humility are the teachings of this mission which can be imbibed only if we learn to look beyond the physical differences and consider everyone as one. We know that God dwells in each heart and through the same God we are connected to each other. We all belong to same pedestal irrespective of our external differences.

We must always endorse the state of consistency through our acts. This state comes with the state of consciousness. We should not let negativity reside inside us. When we keep ourselves focussed with the Formless Divine, then our thoughts get positive inevitably, we slowly begin to acquire the qualities of divinity. The same calmness and love become a part of us and we feel one from the Almighty and we understand that we are not spiritual beings going through the human experience.

We get illusioned by our bodily existence and forget that it is perishable and one day it will leave us but, soul is our ultimate identity. While living in this body we have to find this truth that soul is a part of the Super Soul and one day it will merge into it. It’s a truth that we have to fulfil our responsibilities towards our family and society but, amidst all this we must not forget our true identity. Soul is of supreme importance but, while taking care of the soul we must also take care of the body as this is the medium, the container through which our soul completes its journey. Its important to provide adequate nutrition and ample exercise to it. Even after giving proper care and attention, if our body goes through a certain ailment then we should give it appropriate treatment too, but if there’s something which is taking time in recovery then also, we must not complain because devotion is all about surrender. We should learn to be thankful to this Nirankar despite of our external problems, for we do not know what could be extent of the scale of our problem.

It is good to acknowledge our own faults but, not to the extent of slipping into depression. Once we realise the problem then our approach should be to correct our inadequacies. While working on each aspect of our shortcomings, we should practice one virtue at a time till it becomes the part of our personality. I will not take much of your time as everyone has go back to far off places and there are so many saints already waiting in queues still; I would like to pray for everyone that may all of us be surrounded by the feeling of Nirankar’s presence always. We must always realise that we are surrounded by this Almighty Supreme Power. We have to constantly introspect ourselves to see if we are on the path of humanity or not. In the end, I want to thank everyone for taking out time to attend Satsang, despite of various inconveniences. May your determination to do Sewa, Simran and Satsang continue to increase and all our time and energy including mind, body and soul remains aligned with Nirankar, with this I take leave of you.

*   *   *