Overseas Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From July 01, 2019 onwards
Germany, Stuttgart: July 04, 2019

As we all know Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj is currently blessing saints in various European countries. Germany also had the privilege to take blessings from Her Holiness. The two cities that Mata Ji visited in Germany were Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

After Frankfurt Mata Ji’s next halt was Stuttgart. Her Holiness was accompanied by Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji, Rakesh Mutreja Ji and Dilbagh Ji. The saints at Stuttgart gave Mata Ji a warm welcome.

A Samagam was held in Stuttgart on the 4th July, 2019. Along with several saints from Germany, England and India many German guests also attended this Samagam. The following was shared by Satguru Mata Ji in Her Vichar:

“It’s been two days in Germany and on both the days I got the opportunity to meet you saints during Satsangs. In today’s congregation devotion was expressed in many forms, be it through speech or song, but the essence of everything was to glorify Nirankar, how He always protects and guards us, but we often forget His Divine Presence, involved in the drudgery of life for materialistic accomplishments of the world. While it is okay to fulfil worldly responsibilities and achievements but our main accountability is to be a good human being. It is also one of the ideologies of the Mission and slogans, that before becoming anyone in life it’s important to become a good person. Children go to School, College and then to University with a sole dream to achieve something big in life and to fulfil the ambition that they have in their hearts and on achieving such accomplishments, their happiness knows no limits, even their parents feel ecstatic for their child’s success, but such achievements become useless when a person is devoid of humility and empathy, no one wants to interact with such person.

We need to be humble and grounded to embrace human values completely. Love, tolerance and broad mindedness should have prime value in life. We have to rise above all the narrow confines and make our heart so vast that it has acceptance for everyone, be it for a different country or culture. These small things should not create hurdles on the path of mankind. We just need to treat everyone with humanity and love.

We live in a world of Maya (materialism), surrounded by distractions at every step, but while enjoying these worldly comforts one must not forget the true purpose of life. A child, who doesn’t want to go to a dentist is often convinced by his parents that if he agrees to visit his doctor he would be taken to a fair. But, amidst the temptations of rides and toys, the child should not forget about the promise that he has made to his parents, because that’s where his true benefit lies. Likewise, we also should have constant realisation of Ultimate Truth. As also said by one author that “humans are meant to be loved and things are meant to be used,” but in present context we are doing just opposite, we don’t hesitate in preferring materialistic things over humans and humanity. These colourful distractions of the world might delude us with superficial contentment but the true happiness lies in the realisation of Divinity which surrounds us all the time. One becomes immune from all the highs and lows of life and achieves the state of blissfulness after surrendering himself to the Almighty Nirankar.

There’s one example, where a child gets fascinated towards the brightness of bonfire in the backyard of his house, but parents hold his hand tightly knowing that it will harm him so much so that he can burn his hands, they do not leave his hand despite of the child’s screams and rigidity to go near the bonfire. Similar, is the state of our existence on earth; we do not realise that if something is not happening as per our will then it is definitely delayed by Nirankar so that it does not hurt us in future. Saints and sages, have tried conveying the same message over the ages. For having this positive viewpoint towards life, we need to have immense faith in Nirankar. God, has created this world in such a way that we are mostly given two choices in life, one leads towards a harmful path for us and also for others whereas the other choice leads to the welfare of everyone around us. We must decide carefully which way we have to go. Those who listen to saints and follow the paths shown by them, make their journey delightful. After being bestowed with the Divine Knowledge, it becomes easy for us to make the right choice. If we stay under the constant realisation of Nirankar, then life becomes relaxed, but it gets rough when it is driven by Manmukhta (life lead by impure mind) and we often end up hurting ourselves.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Austria as a Satsang is scheduled there and in last few days wherever I attended Satsang, one thing was prominently repeated that how taking Brahmgyan doesn’t just mean salvation, but it’s also a liberation from all ups and downs of life that one can achieve while living this life. We learn to keep a self-check on ourselves and practice to self-reflect so that we do not harm anyone intentionally. We must always work towards making ourselves a good human being by imbibing all the virtues. Slogans like ‘World Without Walls’, ‘Making Bridges not Walls’ or ‘Harmony in Oneness’ should actually be implemented in life instead of repetition as mere words. These messages of the Mission should echo in our actions in our day to day life. People with such virtuous life not only make their life blissful, but become an inspiration for others too, just like a light house which gives light and directions to each and every ship which sails in the vast ocean.

The Divine-knowledge should mirror through our actions so much so, that our life not only reflects the Divine Radiance from with-in to make this life blissful, but also illuminates the paths of others. So, without taking any more of your time I would like to express my happiness that we all were a part of today’s Satsang even when the time was limited and, if we are able to implement even one or two learnings from this Satsang, then this life will become eloquent and full of blissful fragrance and we will definitely become better human beings.”

Everyone was full of happiness, love, bliss and dedication after the blessings from Satguru Mata Ji. Saints requested Her Holiness to visit them again.

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