Overseas Salvation Tour by Satguru
Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From July 01, 2019 onwards
Sweden, Stockholm: July 01, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj departed from Delhi on 1st July, 2019 for a month long Spiritual Tour of a few European countries along with Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji, Rakesh Mutereja Ji and Dilbagh Ji. The major event of this tour is the Nirankari Youth Symposium (NYS) in Birmingham (U.K.) from 26th to 28th July, 2019, where youth from all over the globe will be present, especially from England.

Satguru Mata Ji landed at the Arlanda International Airport of Stockholm, Sweden in the afternoon of 1st July, 2019. She was received at the Airport by Rev. Bindiya Ji and Upashak Ji (General Sectary U.K.) along with the Airport officials.

There was a Samagam organized the same evening i.e. July 1, 2019 in one of the popular halls of Stockholm. Many saints from the Scandinavian countries were present there to attend this blissful Samagam.

Satguru Mata Ji in her discourse stated:

“Today, we have gathered here to praise the Almighty Nirankar, we might address Him with different names, be it God, Allah, Ram, Wahe Guru or wherever our faith lies but, He is one Supreme entity and we all have originated from Him. Realisation of this Divine presence makes the journey of life easier. For example, if there is a probability of a tornado with high speed wind then safety instructions are issued stating that one must tie himself with something strong and deeply rooted into the ground. The results are brutal and dangerous when you are unable to follow these directions. It gets difficult to sustain yourself against the pressure built by speedy winds and sometimes it can sweep you along. The purpose of stating this example is to explain the journey of our soul in this world, that how easily it gets entangled in the highs and lows of life which create turbulence and disturbance within. How vulnerable our journey is, that it is controlled by the happy, sad or terrifying situations in our lives. We must know the way to maintain our balance during such adversities and ways to retain our composure regardless of the adverse surroundings.

In Hindi, we say that ‘Sahajata’ is a great state to live in. Irrespective of the outer circumstances we live in a state of balanced and blissfulness, unaffected by ups and downs. But, how to achieve this state? It’s possible only when we attach ourselves to a Divine Source which is above and beyond such worldly hassles. It is important to realise Nirankar (Almighty) in whom we dwell, He was there at the time of our birth and will continue to stay post this life, as the soul merges in Nirankar.

Once we attain this state, then we rise above the happy and sad phases of life. We might feel sad for sometime but, we do not spend our entire life clinging to that sadness, we don’t slip into depression, thinking about the adversity because now we know Nirankar, and realise its immense power. We know the purpose of this life, which is to realise Nirankar. In order to know our true selves, we must know its Creator first. As it is said, “Self-Realisation Through God Realisation”. We must seek our true identity and should know about our origin, and the final destination. Human body is given to realise this ultimate truth by knowing Nirankar. This state of awareness not only helps in attaining salvation but, we also reap the benefits of this understanding during this life time. This consciousness makes life much easier as we learn a lot of virtues like humility and tolerance. Even when someone treats us with negativity like anger and bitterness, we know that we don’t have to respond in the similar manner.

Forgiveness is one of the biggest attributes of a saint, and even when someone says anything harsh then instead of reacting over it, we should try to give benefit of doubt, thinking that there must be some situation which has triggered these reactions. Just as sugar comes out from a sack of sugar and salt comes out from a sack of salt and not vice versa. Similarly, when any situation goes unfavourable and pushes us to the edge then our reaction should be such that whoever notices us, should say that this person is a true human. Our conduct should reflect true essence of humanity and it must happen effortlessly. Even the mildest of situation gets worsened by anger and rage.

We always have a choice to pick mindfulness to tackle everyday situations with equanimity and calmness while fulfilling our worldly responsibilities in a balanced manner. Our persona should exuberate self-control and serenity because if we choose anger over calmness then it is going to hurt us before it huts anyone else. Words used during anger cause irreparable damages. So, we have to keep our state of mind happy and calm so that the same serenity reflects even when someone says harsh words to us; instead of addressing the situation with hurtful words.

If we look at things with a wider perspective then we will find that this positive reformation of personalities leads to the feeling of Oneness. Over the time we have put it in different ways and words, be it ‘Harmony in oneness’ or ‘Building bridges not Walls’. For making bridges and walls the material used is the same, it depends on us how we want to use it; to confine ourselves within the narrow walls or to build bridges so that we can reach out and stay close to many more people. Now, without taking more time, I would like to take your leave and I will share my thoughts with you on some other day. At the end, I would congratulate everyone for being a part of this Satsang and glorifying Nirankar. We also heard during Satsang about how we have to bring ourselves to a corrective mode and improve our behaviour. This is possible only through God realisation and with the understanding that Nirankar is all around us. We cannot begin our journey of devotion and self-correction without knowing God. I pray to Nirankar that may everyone be blessed with this Divine-knowledge so that not only the journey of this life becomes smooth rather the soul continues to feel this eternal bliss post this life too.”

*   *   *