Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: June 30, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj got back to Delhi on 25th June, 2019 along with Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage after a month long tour of the hilly terrain of Uttarakhand. The vital event being the Nirankari Youth Symposium (NYS) of Tehri Garhwal.

Satguru Mata Ji visited many cities, town and villages of Uttarakhand during this tour. Her Holiness stayed in Mussoorie for a couple of weeks and blessed many saints from different parts of the country and overseas.

Satguru Mata Ji blessed many devotees by Her presence in the Sunday congregation of Delhi on 30th June, 2019.

In Her vichar Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“After the Uttarakhand tour, I’m delighted to see you saints today in Delhi, for the Sunday Satsang. I can see saints in great numbers from Delhi and it’s adjoining areas. The same kind of devotion was seen during the Uttarakhand tour, especially in Mussoorie where I got the opportunity to stay for a few days and happened to meet saints not only from different parts of India but, from overseas too. During Uttarakhand’s tour, I visited so many places and wherever I went, I witnessed the same simplicity and devotion amongst Mahapurushas without any prerequisites and cleverness. For them, in spite of the day to day difficulties; gratitude was the only way to look at life. At one place there was no proper road to reach the Satsang Bhawan, one had to reach there on foot, even then there were no complaints.

Even when the Satsang Bhawan lacked the basic amenities and saints had to walk miles for attending congregations. Devotees were still attending Satsangs on regular basis because of their love for Nirankar Almighty. During the Satsang programmes, the decorum of a congregation was maintained throughout as saints waited patiently in queues for Namaskar without creating disturbance for others. There was only one sentiment in the hearts of all devotees, that was to respect the code and conduct of a Satsang.

Here in Delhi, I’m receiving the similar warmth and love. You all have come from faraway places with the sublime emotion of glorifying Nirankar, and the feeling of love beneath the different faces remains identical. I have comeback from Uttarakhand’s tour abbreviated as UK and again in a couple of hours I will be leaving for UK (United Kingdom) and Europe. In the last two days, I got the opportunity to be amongst you saints during the mass marriage ceremony which was yesterday and today here in the form of Satsang. Also, I realised that as soon as the Samagam dates were announced today, our hearts were filled with bliss and contentment as we know that these are not just mere dates but, that time of the year when we sow the seed of selfless service (Sewa).

We have already been trying to connect with Nirankar through mind, body and soul but, when the Samagam dates approach then the enthusiasm towards Sewa increases manifold. I congratulate all of you for this zeal and fervour towards Sewa and pray that may this devotion continue to increase. This year the Nirankari Mission is completing its 90th year and in these ninety years the Mission has preached and followed only one thing i.e. ‘God Is One’ and we all belong to this Supreme Entity, that dwells in every heart and how it can be perceived in his own creations. This Mission has taught us the way of living; how we have to love one another; what qualities we must possess as humans; which emotions should guide us and which negative thoughts we have to eliminate from our hearts.

This Mission has been the Mission of devotion and truth. In 90 years of its existence it has seen many sacrifices and now the responsibility is on our shoulders to carry the teachings of the Mission forward. But before changing anyone else we have to change our own selves. Mission’s message should be first implemented in our own lives in such a way that, the whole world gets to feel the bliss and derive contentment through this Divine-knowledge (Brahmgyan). Now, as I take leave of you to meet again in August, I hope and pray that may you continue to do Sewa, Simran and Satsang as always.

Just as Raj Behan Ji, expressed in her thoughts that Nirankar will bless us, He is already blessing us and He has been blessing us since the beginning. We are under his constant Grace and Blessings but, we need to realize this. We need to learn to keep this realization in our mind and soul that we are already sanctified. Whatever circumstances are there around us, these are created by Nirankar and He knows the best for us. We are given limited number of breaths and in each breath we must have the feeling of gratitude. Our reactions and reflexes should be moulded in such a way that even when an adverse condition arises, we should be able to exhibit saintly qualities and composure from deep within so that we can become an example of a true devotee of the Nirankari Mission.”

*   *   *