Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From May 19, 2019 onwards
Joshimath, Uttarakhand: May 26, 2019

Continuing the Salvation Tour of the hilly terrain of Uttarakhand further, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with the entourage reach the city of Joshimath on the 25th of June. This city is located at a height of 6150 fit. Satguru Mata Ji was received according to the traditional Garhwali culture by the saints of Joshimath.

Addressing a large gathering of the devotees the next day on June 26, 2019, Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Saints, I am delighted to see you all here in Joshimath and despite of the hot weather you all have not only decided to come here from faraway places but, are also sitting here for quite some time, just to glorify Nirankar and seek the bliss in the congregation. One must see Nirankar to understand God-knowledge. This realisation, that soul is a part of the Super Soul comes after profound understanding of Gyan. If we see no difference in our sentiments and views even after taking Gyan than we need to self-reflect on our understanding of this Divine-knowledge. Life becomes virtuous after realising Nirankar and we start following the path of humanity and start thinking for the wellbeing of others. We do not think ill of others and perceive every one as one because we know that we are all connected through Super soul. Though it is scorching hot outside, we are able to prevent heat through this tent, and we also feel the pleasant breeze at times. Just like this breeze, we must also choose our roles wisely. We should not only bring calmness to others when the situation is adverse but, rather have to keep ourselves composed too, regardless of outer circumstances. We have to choose our words and acts, wisely.

After being blessed with the Divine-knowledge, we have this constant realisation that this world is a temporary place but, God is eternal, He always existed and will continue to exist forever. Just as we are seeing snow on the mountains right now, we also have an understanding that it is formed of water. Likewise, we know that God exists in everything and everywhere, only the soul keeps changing its body but, its real destination is Super Soul. This human body is achieved after several births in various bodies so it must be valued. During the cycles of birth and death the soul gets confused and forgets its real identity. It is God-knowledge which brings the true recognition to the soul and directs it towards the actual objective. After being bestowed with the Divine-knowledge one begins to know about the origin; present and final destination. With the awareness that God is the base of everything, feeling of gratitude becomes an integral part of life.

When we look at nature, we get mesmerised by the beauty of it; be it the colour or shape of a flower, everything created by nature fascinates us and a voice from within praises the creator with a feeling of gratitude. We should always be grateful to God Almighty. We just now heard in the Satsang, about the code of conduct for a saint and how noble their thoughts should be. Saints and sages have been preaching about the tranquil state of mind and how it should remain unaffected from the external environment. Instead of finding faults we should focus only on the positive aspects. We must think of the ways by which we can provide comfort to others. Brahmgyan makes it achievable. Kabir Das Ji and Shabri attained Brahmgyan with the grace if their Satgurus and achieved the ultimate state of blissfulness. Their state of devotion is reflected through their words and compositions. Only after receiving Brahmgyan, Kabir Ji was able to understand the meaning of the Holy scriptures in the true sense and that’s when his journey of devotion began.

Our hearts should accommodate only love, not ego. During our journey of life we might come across diverse experiences, but we have to decide what we should accept and what not. We have to imbibe such virtues that whoever come in contact with us should feel good. Pretending to be a good person for some time is a different thing but, we have to be virtuous lifelong. Just like a pot containing milk fills the glass with milk not water, likewise our attitude reveals what we carry inside us. There should be a genuine transformation without any pretentions. We should not create walls of abhorrence in the name of religious beliefs, diets, dress or skin colour. There should be acceptance and tolerance for one another, then only a state of calmness can be achieved. We can see that in today’s time, the world is moving towards distraction, in such a scenario one should not aggravate the situation but, act as a peacemaker to pacify it. We must evaluate the gravity of our acts and think about the end result before choosing to act in a certain way. Introspection is needed to see if we are truly devoted towards Nirankar or doing it out of routine and ritual? Are we just chanting the name of Rama and worshipping the idol or truly absorbing the qualities of Lord Rama. There’s a lot to learn from lord Rama’s life, how gracefully he lived a life of a true saint but, are we acquiring those qualities in the true sense. Have we given up our egos? If not, then we are definitely on the path of Ravana and not Rama.

We should analyse what qualities we want to learn and adopt. As we are attending Satsang with utmost devotion, we realise that our bond with Nirankar is getting stronger and we are roaming with-in Nirankar. Now, without taking any more of your time I would just pray that may this devotion towards Satsang continue to increase our bliss of life but, encourage others to follow the same path of divinity through virtuous acts.”

*   *   *