Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From May 19, 2019 onwards
Timli, Uttarakhand: May 22, 2019

On 22nd May, 2019, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj headed to Timli (Uttarakhand) along with the entourage to inaugurate the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan there. Timli is a small village/hamlet. The total population is of 178 people in a number of 51 houses. The roads to this village are under construction. But, overlooking all these aspects Satguru Mata Ji visited and blessed the devotees there. The roads were bad and later Satguru Mata Ji had to go on foot for a couple of kilometres to reach the Bhawan.

Overwhelmed by the devotion Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj in Her blessings said:

“Coming here from Delhi and seeing all of you is giving me immense happiness. In seeing that however the conditions may be and though those worldly comforts are also not available here, in these hilly areas; we also noticed while coming here that there are no proper roads and yet you all have come with such great enthusiasm for this congregation. While sitting here we are only discussing that we have to keep maintaining our bond with this Nirankar, this Almighty God. Be it any situation or circumstance in our life but, if we have to have a feeling of gratitude, thankfulness towards the Almighty Nirankar. You all are keeping in mind that this heart is indebted to Nirankar and full of gratefulness and I am feeling so good, seeing the feelings being expressed from your faces. It’s my first opportunity to come here amongst you all and inaugurated the Satsang Bhawan here, where you all will be regularly gathering for congregations.

So, may Nirankar bless you all that this desire, this perseverance may keep increasing and become stronger that while you all attend Satsangs regularly may you give inspiration to others as well so that they also get to know their real self. The main purpose of this soul is to know this Super Soul (Almighty Nirankar) and why we have come into this human form. We must try to bring together as many people as we can so that they too get to know their real self. This Almighty Nirankar, this Ram who is in every little leaf and branch in every bit and corner, who is Omnipresent, the realization should be the main aim of our lives. That we have to know our real self i.e. Self-realization.”

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