Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From April 26, 2019 onwards
Tikapur, Nepal: May 09, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with the Holy entourage moved ahead from Nepalganj to Tikapur; which is one of the famous cities of Nepal. Mata Ji visited and blessed the Sant Nirankari Aadarsh Vidya Mandir Vidyalaya, Tikapur. The Sant Nirankari Mandal runs this school with the aid from Nepal and the school is till class 12. The staff and the executives of the school welcomed Mata Ji and took Her for a visit around the school. Satguru Mata Ji showed very keen interest in the development of the school and gave Her inputs. After this Satguru Mata Ji visited the Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Tikapur.

In the evening, there was a Samagam organized at the City Hall where addressed thousands of devotees and stated:

“Over the last few days, I happened to meet so many saints across various cities of Nepal. Today also, at Tikapur, I am informed that saints not only from local places but, from faraway places of Nepal and India have come to attend the Satsang. In fact, some of you had to travel for three to four days to reach here. May you continue to keep your connect strong with Nirankar and may your enthusiasm and dedication towards Satsang keep on increasing with each passing day.

As quoted by Tulsi Das Ji:

‘Ek ghadi aadhi ghadi, aadhi ki puni aadh, Tulsi sangat sadhu ki, kaate koti apradh’.

“For whatever little duration, one must take out time for devotion and forget the worldly things to focus completely on God, with the company of saints and sages, the sins of our infinite number of births are destroyed.”

This explains the glory of Satsang, how it destroys all the evils but, the change begins only when we implement these learnings into our actions. After realising God and attending Satsangs regularly, negativity is replaced with positivity. Satsang possesses the amazing ability to change our heart and mind and replaces hatred with love. It is said, that there are about 8.4 million of species on this earth and the soul keeps on acquiring a new kind of body after giving up an old one because of this process of birth and death the soul gets bemused as it forgets it true identity. It ceases to remember that it has originated from the Divine and starts believing that the existing body and life is the ultimate reality.

Across the centuries and yugas, be it Treta yug, Satyug, Dwapar yug, or Kaliyug, there’s only one thing which is emphasized upon and that is to realise one’s true identity through realising God. One must not consider our body and face as our true identity. We are the embodied souls temporarily possessing the bodies. Just like a tenant living in a house temporarily. But, one lives under a constant pressure of eviction, not knowing the true destination. This fear vanishes the day one buys his own house likewise, we are also the souls inhabiting human bodies but, our true identity is the Divine Supreme power. We often get attached to this body and forget about its proprietor.

‘Kach di mandi vich sach da grahak koi koi’.

“This world is full of people carrying wants and wishes, but those who want to attain God are very few”

We get entangled with the materialistic world and create illusionary concepts of life, to rise above these illusions one must know the truth and that can be known only after realising God. One achieves the eternal peace and bliss after being blessed with the Divine-knowledge.

Those who are keen to know God and to seek the ultimate Truth, can take Brahmgyan after the Satsang today. God-Knowledge not only liberates the soul but, it brings along infinite enlightenment and human virtues. Such a heart carries no place for hatred, jealousy or any kind of negativity. Empathy, compassion, generosity and kindness become the integral aspects of human life and there’s no place for hatred and ego. Over the centuries, saints and sages have repeated that being born in a human body is not enough, one must possess human qualities too. Satsang is a place where change of heart begins and a compassionate heart brings inner transformation. Similarly, Simran is important to remember God all the time, under all the circumstances. During Simran we should express our gratitude towards Nirankar and ask for His forgiveness at the same time Sewa should be done selflessly, without any want or desire.

Our good deeds should not be driven by selfish desires. As mentioned in Geeta, perform your prescribed duties but, without attachment to the results. Serving others is different from helping others. When our acts of kindness towards others are devoid of any desire or intention, it becomes service otherwise, it’s just help. We should constantly focus on improving ourselves, and even when someone gets rude to us, we should learn to give him the benefit of doubt. Trying to understand that there might be certain circumstances or situations behind his rough behaviour. We should pray for those who mistreat us. An enlightened person achieves the state of equality and forgiveness. He surrenders himself completely to the will of God and lives an egoless life in the company of saints. He knows the value of such company. To strengthen the devotion, one must know God. Even for comprehending scriptures, we need to attain the true knowledge of the Divine, as it does not only facilitate our understanding of Divine but, our acts of kindness too.

At the end, I pray for everyone’s happiness. Due to space crunch a large part of the Sangat had to sit outside the pandal, in poorly lit area. You all have come from distant places yet you had to go through this discomfort. Considering this, extra efforts shall be made to provide facilities for your comfort in times to come. I wish and pray as I take leave of you, that may there be no discrimination of any sort. May everyone mingle as one in humanity, enriching the feeling of universal brotherhood.”

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