Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From April 26, 2019 onwards
Nepalganj, Nepal: May 08, 2019

On 8th May, 2019, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with the entourage proceeded to Nepalganj from Lumbini. This city too is known for its scenic beauty. Enroute to Nepalganj Mata Ji blessed saints of Pakhapani and Bhalubhang.

The Holy entourage reached the Ramlila Grounds of Nepalganj in the evening where the Samagam was organized. Addressing the vast gathering of devotees Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today at Nepalganj, I am pleased to see saints coming from far off places to attend the Satsang with such great enthusiasm. The sole purpose behind such congregations is to feel the transformations in life which can happen only after being blessed with the Divine Knowledge. Nirankari mission has always stressed on the value of humanity and once we are blessed with the Divine Knowledge then not only does this life become beautiful but, the after life also proceeds with the knowledge of its origin. This awareness is possible only through Brahmgyan. The true awakening begins once we know the truth, and our origin in the true sense. We can’t expect leaves, flowers and fruits without planting a seed; likewise without enlightening the inner soul with God-knowledge, it’s difficult to possess virtues of humility, broad mindedness, gentleness. One might pretend to be soft spoken for a shorter duration but, at large ones true character remains the same. Just as we don’t expect sugar from the sack of salt, similarly we can’t expect placidity from a short-tempered person. Brahmgyan puts us on the right path and we gradually begin to imbibe good qualities, whilst rectifying the flaws and simultaneously leading to the true purpose of this life.

God knowledge makes this life blissful as we accomplish a state of mind which is stable and is in the natural state of being. Our perspective towards happiness and sadness gets changed and we maintain tranquillity in every situation. We have read in the Avtar Bani “Tu Hi Tu Hi Nirankar Karo, Te Har Pal Ennu Yaad Karo, Iss Amrit Nu Raj Raj Piyo” . We speak about the nectar of the divine name in these lines, glory of Nirankar, and how one must remember God under all circumstance to achieve the ultimate bliss. When a person is thirsty, he needs to drink water to quench his thirst, touching water with ones lips won’t help in any way.

Unless we embrace the divine name completely, evils like ego, anger, greed will keep on tempting us and distracting us from God Almighty. Absolute submission to lord protects us from the ever-changing circumstances of the world. External factors stop driving our life as we live with inner peace and calmness after being blessed with Divine Knowledge. In darkness a person is deluded into believing that the rope is a snake and by darkness we mean nothing but, ignorance. The Divine-knowledge destroys the ignorance as light destroys the darkness. The cause of the worldly illusion are our misguided projections and absence of truth. Only an enlightened person can guide others by removing darkness, mental distortions and delusions.

Without taking any more time, I take leave of you by concluding that Sewa, Simran and Satsang is a blessing bestowed upon us and it should be given utmost importance in life. God has blessed us with human body for a specific purpose. While hands are given for Sewa, to perform worldly duties and to fulfil our responsibility towards our family and society. With the mouth not only are we to refrain from speaking hurtful words but, we must also glorify Nirankar Almighty. Head is given to express deference, and to end false egos by complete submission in the feet of a true saint. Feet are given to walk towards Satsang. Surrendering of the body, mind and spirit to Nirankar brings us closer to humanity as we begin to think beyond the apparent diversities and discriminations in the name of region, religion, culture, colour, dress and diet. We realise the ultimate truth (God Knowledge). At the end, I would like to pray that may Nirankar bless everyone with Simran to face any kind of situation in life. If things are stuck somewhere, delayed or not happening as per your wish then, they are happening according to the wish of Divine force. It’s all about keeping your faith intact with the belief that whatever happens, happens for the best.”

*   *   *