Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From April 26, 2019 onwards
Pokhra, Nepal: May 05, 2019

After blessing the devotees at Kathmandu; the capital of Nepal, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj headed for the next station Pokhara along with the entourage on May 4, 2019. Pokhara is one of the most famous hill stations of Nepal known for its scenic beauty and tourism.

On May 5, 2019, a huge congregation was organised in Pokhara. Addressing the congregation, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj stated:

“Saints, since last few hours we have been enjoying the Satsang, saints expressed their devotion in the form of poetries, devotional songs and speeches using different languages like Nepali, Hindi and English. Although, I am not familiar with the Nepalese language but, I was able to understand the essence and emotion of every word said here. As conveyed by almost every saint, we are blessed to realise Nirankar and may we stay connected with Him throughout our lives. Just now, we heard a devotional song explaining how Nirankari Mission is all about humanity and universal brotherhood. It connects human to human through Brahmgyan. We all are different from each other in terms of culture, colour, diet and attire but, there’s one thing which is common amongst us all, that is Nirankar. Deep within, we all carry a part of the Supreme Soul in the form of our soul. He is omnipresent, exists in every single particle of this cosmos. Nothing is devoid of God’s manifestation. Just as we appreciate the painting often forgetting about the painter. We get submerged in the worldly things without wanting to know about its creator.

I observed today that saints from various age groups contributed towards this congregation. Devotion is never age bound; it’s not the prerogative of only the elderly. Once we realise God, then there should be a state of constant awareness. We need to remember Him all the time, under all circumstances with the feeling of gratitude. We have to completely surrender ourselves and seek His forgiveness for our sins. There’s no need to wait for old age to realise our true identity and purpose of this life. As soon as we realise that we are a part of this eternal Nirankar and carry the same divine light then there’s no turning back. We don’t need to wait for any particular age to express our gratitude towards this omnipresent and omnipotent Supreme Soul. We can begin our spiritual journey right after this conscious awakening.

We can’t expect fruits, flowers and leaves from the seed of a plant. In order to produce these things, a seed needs to grow into a plant by using soil, water and sunlight. Likewise, a person consisting all the virtues such as humility, love and broadmindedness can’t reap benefits of His own goodness without realising God. To reach our true potential we must be aware of the fact that we are God’s own reflection. Across various eras, be it Treta Yug , Dwapar Yug , Sat Yug or Kal Yug, saints and sages have emphasized only on Love. The prerequisite of receiving Divine-knowledge is to have a heart full of Love. To walk ahead on the divine path, one must realise God and love its creation; rest of the human values will follow on their own. Kabir Ji, already had saintly qualities but, he was considered a saint in the true sense only after receiving God-knowledge. As also said by Kabir Ji - Before worshipping God, it’s important to know Him first (Baitha Pandit Padhe Quran, Bin Dekhe Ka Kare Bakhan, Tu Kahe Kagaj Ki Lekhi, Mein Kahun Aankhon Ki Dekhi). Reading scriptures alone or going through the Vedas and Shashtras won’t be considered complete without the quintessential spiritual vision of Nirankar. To achieve the ultimate bliss of devotion, a devotee must know God.

I am pleased to see that despite the rain and various other inconveniences, you all have come with such enthusiasm to strengthen yours divine bond with Nirankar. Without taking any further time, I would like to pray that may you continue doing Sewa, Simran and Satsang to progress on the path of spirituality. To eliminate any negative thought from the mind, we must do Simran all the time. Instead of acting and reacting over someone’s wrong doings, repeated Simran should be the only way forward. A true saint always reflects calmness and exuberates positivity, irrespective of any adverse situation. We always have a choice to decide whether we want to fall in the category of Ravan or Ram. We need to contemplate if we want a life full of love and humility or a life full of ego.”

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