Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From April 26, 2019 onwards
Kathmandu, Nepal: May 02, 2019

On May 01, 2019 the Holy entourage moved on its journey ahead from Nagarkot to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Worldwide this city is known for its temples. On reaching Kathmandu Satguru Mata Ji went to the Satsang Bhawan and blessed the devotees and the Sewadal volunteers there.

On May 02, Her Holiness Mata Ji inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan with Her gracious presence. In Her blessings Satguru Mata Ji congratulated the devotees of Kathmandu and prayed for their strong connectivity with the Almighty Nirankar and the congregation.

Addressing the main congregation on 4th May, Satguru Mata Ji said:

“The journey which began from Delhi, has reached Nepal today, via Lucknow. While we enjoyed the bliss of Satsang in Lucknow, I was equally happy yesterday to meet saints in Chitwan and at Kathmandu’s Satsang Bhawan, renovation of which is going to begin soon so that everyone can attend Satsang comfortably. Irrespective of the weather conditions, you all were determined to come to the Sangat and as I can see even rainfall couldn’t create any hindrance in your enthusiasm. When our main focus is Almighty Nirankar, then nothing can actually stop a devotee.

Since so many hours you all have been a devout audience, rejoicing the glory of God. Speakers expressed their devotion towards Nirankar through poetries, Vichars and devotional songs using various mediums like Nepali, Hindi or English but it appeared that the whole interaction was beyond any language barrier. When the essence of interaction revolves around Nirankar then everything makes sense. We just need to realise the ultimate truth that the soul within us belongs to this immortal and indestructible Super Soul. We have just now heard about Meerabai, who was born in an affluent family but she considered herself substantial only after realising God. In her own words she described this experience as “I’ve got the jewel of the name, as my true master accepted me as his disciple and imparted the precious divine knowledge”. She also emphasised, that every human is connected to each other through the Super Soul. Every person carries the same divine radiance of the Super Soul. Regardless of external differences, we share a bond through Nirankar, creating a perfect example of unity in diversity, just like a bouquet having a variety of beautiful flowers.

We should learn to appreciate the differences because diversity makes the whole existence more beautiful. These differences should not be the reason of hatred or discriminations. We need to rise above the factors which divide us in many ways based on caste, colour and creed. One must give the same respect to others which he expects for himself. An ordinary looking bottle containing pure water is much more precious than a colourful pricey bottle containing poison.

We need to analyse whether we are beautifying our exterior selves, or working on our souls because a beautiful soul makes us a fine human being with values, who spreads his fragrance of virtues wherever he goes. When the goodness becomes our integral part from within, then we need not pretend or act in front of others. Embracing human values like Love, humility and vastness gets us closer to God; as said - to serve humanity is to serve God. When we leave our egos behind and bend forward for others considering them part of the divine then the feeling of gratitude arises. We realise that nothing is ours, everything belongs to Nirankar. There’s no point in complaining over worldly things when we have enough reasons to be thankful to Nirankar but, we often forget about our blessings. As we did notice, that sometime back it was raining, because of which there’s coolness in the air, we can also manifest same calmness and coolness if we acquire saintly qualities.

There’s a story in which a bird picked a burning straw in her beak and threw it over the logs of wood to spread the fire where as another bird filled water in her beak and dipped her wings in a nearby stream to cease fire by fluttering her wings over it. She did this time and time again. Seeing this, the first bird told her to fly away as her efforts to put out the fire were not working. To this, the second bird replied that she is doing her bit of goodness no matter how small it is. In the time to come, she will never be in the category of destroyers and whenever she will reflect upon her own doings, she wouldn’t be ashamed of them. This is how we should serve society and people around us. If there’s any kind of hatred, violence or conflict then we should act as a peace maker. Through our sincere acts and words, we can pacify the situation. An angry person hurts himself first before hurting others, so it’s important that we must control our temperaments too.

Even Bible says that “loving is living”. That’s why the whole emphasize is on Love, everything revolves around it. Loving unconditionally and forgiving sincerely must be a way of life. Jesus asked God to forgive people who had crucified him. He said “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. When someone hurts us or says unpleasant things, then our instinct is to hurt them back right then. That’s when the Brahmgyan becomes important. Over the years, saints and sages have taught us about the significance of human life. We are here in this body to experience love and to understand the true purpose of life. We need to realise our true selves and embrace our real identity. Self-realisation is possible only through God realisation. This divine realisation enables us to serve the world at large. Only through Brahmgyan, one can break the shackles of birth and rebirth. Trapped in the vicious cycle of birth and death, the soul gets confused and forgets its real identity, that’s when Brahmgyan becomes even more important as it frees the soul from such bindings.

Those who are already blessed with Brahmgyan, must continue their blissful journey on the path of divinity. They just need to put themselves on self-correction mode whenever they feel negativity doing over. There might be many people who have come here for the first time and are curious to realise God. They can come forward to know more about it. Nirankari mission teaches a way of life, it teaches about love and compassion. It doesn’t convert your beliefs or changes your religion, there’s just change of heart. It connects humans through God knowledge. When we have this realisation that we all belong to one almighty then there’s no place for discrimination and hatred. We lead a calm and blissful life after being bestowed with Brahmgyan.

At the end, I would like to thank everybody for sitting here with patience and perseverance. I also appreciate the dignitaries present here, for their cooperation and contribution. May Nirankar bless every one with Sewa, Simran and Satsang so much so that we all contribute towards a better society and continue our journey on the path of spirituality.”