Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

State of Uttar Pradesh and Nepal: From April 26 onwards
Uttar Pradesh, Siddhartha Nagar: April 27, 2019

After blessing the saints in Lucknow Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with entourage reached Siddhartha Nagar on April 27, 2019,. The children and youth greeted Satguru Mata Ji with devotional and cultural presentations. This city is situated on the border of India and Nepal. It is believed that Gautama Buddha spent the first twenty-nine years of his life in this city and that has a great impression of his teachings on the city dwellers. Gautama Buddha’s original name was Siddhartha hence, the city got its name.

Same the evening there was a Samagam scheduled in the grounds of Muslim Intercollege, Mahdeiya. Thousands of devotees welcomed Satguru Mata Ji. Her Holiness addressed the congregation and stated:

“As we stop in Sidhartha Nagar enroute to Nepal, I’m happy to see the enthusiasm of saints here who decided to reach much before the scheduled time of the Satsang. May this zeal and fervour towards Satsang multiply in abundance. Attending Satsang alone is not enough if we are not implementing the learnings into our everyday life. As Satsang blesses us with various virtues to make our life better, we should be ready to contribute our best to the Mission through selfless Sewa and Simran which is our vital connect with Nirankar. Almost all the speakers have mentioned the same thing that we all are an integral part of this eternal Nirankar. Life spent without realising this ultimate truth is irrelevant. We should know the purpose of coming into this human form. We do not know which is going to be our last breath, so we must realise our true selves through realising God. Once we have this realisation that we all belong to one supreme soul and are interconnected with each other through Him, then all the boundaries of cast, creed and colour get diminished. We get hold of the fact that we all belong to one supreme father.

Sant Nirankari Mission has taught us that God is in every one so we have to treat everybody with love, respect and reverence. Abdication of ego is important and its possible only when one surrenders completely to God who dwell within us. We often see that people in the world follow their cultures and the spiritual sentiments which is good but, before doing so one should know God. If a person hasn’t tasted sweet, he will never know the taste of sweetness no matter how much the other person tries to convince. Likewise, if a person has heard and read about God but, doesn’t know him then all his efforts are leading nowhere.

Fragrance of a flower can only be felt after smelling it even the detailed descriptions of its aroma can’t explain the pleasantness of that smell. Similarly, before reading religious scripture one should know God. We address Nirankar by various names like Ram, Allah or God but, before we worship him, we should have the realisation of his true form. We should know who we are worshipping and reading about. We should know Nirankar first. A speaker just spoke about Navadha Bhakti (nine types of devotion) while mentioning Lord Rama and Shabri’s story. Lord Krishna has also mentioned about the cycle of birth, rebirth and salvation in Holy Geeta. A person can be relived this cycle by knowing God. Just like a wood does not catch fire on its own, it needs some spark for that. In the same way, one can attain enlightenment only through somebody who himself knows God. Only an enlightened soul can radiate that divine aura.

Nirankari mission doesn’t give mantras to relieve one from sorrows. It teaches about devotion and complete surrender to the Almighty. It instils faith in God and teaches about the balance in life. A devotee is never afraid of the ups and down of life; he maintains the same calm aura, unaffected by any turbulence. He has deep understanding of God’s will. Nirankari Mission teaches the value of gratitude. It teaches the value of being thankful for all things big and small that we are blessed with in this life. It transforms the process of thinking and make it more positive towards life. Instead of complaining about something, one can show gratitude for what he has given.

We have to think of the wellbeing of others while constantly analysing our thoughts, words and actions. We should choose our words and vocabulary mindfully specially when upset about something. In anger a person always hurts himself first before hurting others by losing his calm and peace of mind. After being bestowed with Brahmagyan, one must use wisdom, discretion and consciousness to think before he acts. A saint knows the divine truth so he has this realisation that God dwells in every heart; he should not hurt anyone consciously or unintentionally. Forgiveness is another attribute of a saint. When someone has wronged us, we need to pray for them, finding forgiveness.

May Nirankar bless everyone with stronger spiritual connect. Let there be no hindrance or barrier between God and His devotees. This body is made of five elements, where sweat or blood represents water, hunger and thirst comes from fire, body represents earth element and so on. All these elements signify various forms of Maya. When soul departs from the body, then all these element get destroyed along with the body. Immortal God is the ultimate truth which stays behind so one must seek the truth before its too late. Life gets meaningful and easy after realising God.

In Nirankari Mission it’s not the religion that gets changed but, it’s our thoughts that are transformed. Someone who thinks ill of others might think of hurting others, starts praying for the well-being of everyone after being blessed with God-knowledge. Their life and actions become a live example of the teachings of the Mission. I would take your leave by saying that the way we have all enjoyed the bliss of Satsang in the past few hours, may we all enjoy this bliss continuously in the form of Sewa, Simran and Satsang and attend as many Satsangs as possible.”