Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: April 21, 2019

On April 21, 2019, a huge congregation was held in Ground No.8, Delhi. Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaja blessed the congregation and stated:

“Saint, it gives me immense pleasure to see you all here today. I am also delighted to see your enthusiasm for attending the congregation. Saints have been coming in lines continuously since 6 p.m.

Whatever we heard here today was related only to God and God-knowledge. It is not that these feelings are being expressed in the Mission today, they have been continuously preached since ages.

We know that whatever we speak has to be acted upon also, because man should always be the same in word and deed. In case somebody speaks negative or bitter language, his behaviour will also be negative and bitter. However, we have not to go in this direction. We must follow the examples of the lives of the saints who always taught us to be the same by thought, speech and action. For example, some years ago, our theme for the poetic symposium during Annual Samagam was – ‘If God-knowledge becomes a part of our action, it will be an ornament to adorn our life’. A bird has two wings to fly. It just cannot fly with one wing. Similarly, we need balance between God-knowledge and our actions, between our words and deeds. We must maintain this balance every moment while moving on the path of this life, otherwise we shall not be able go to just like a bird will fail to fly.

Just now we heard here several saints referring to Easter and quoting examples from the teachings of Lord Christ like – ‘Love thy Neighbour’. Starting from self, we should love all and go on spreading the spirit of love all around. Along with this, Lord Christ said another very important thing – ‘Know God you Worship.’ You are welcome to worship God with rituals or any way you like but it will not be meaningful until you know God in His real form. Once we know God, then only we can worship Him in true sense. We start worshipping God in real sense only when we know His eternal entity.

Only a few weeks back we celebrated Ram Navmi, the Birthday of Lord Rama. Let us, however, introspect whether we merely celebrate it as a festival to rejoice or we adopt his teachings in life also. Do we merely believe in Lord Rama or what he taught also? In fact we worship him through idols but adopt the tendencies of Ravana in behaviour. We are proud or arrogant like Ravana and at the same time call ourselves devotees of Lord Rama. We show that there is no uniformity in our attitude. We are not the same in word and deed. We must do introspection for ourselves. We find that Lord Rama faced several ups and downs in his life. He was used to the royal living in palaces. But when he was asked to go and live in forests, he just left as a part of Maryada or propriety of conduct. He did not think of hardships he would have to bear physically. He just obeyed the order.

Similarly, let us obey the order of the Almighty God and live life as per His will. There should be no complaint even if we face some physical hardships because everything including our body belongs ultimately to God. So, when body belongs to Him, He has every right to keep it flourishing or ruin it. We should express our gratitude to God for whatever He has given to us. If we have lost one limb, there are many who may have lost two. May be some people are better off than we are, but we may be grateful to God for whatever we have, simply because there may be many who are less fortunate.

So, in this way we have to see how we can express our gratitude to the Almighty every moment of our life. While attending Satsang, let us not listen to a speech or a song for the sake of listening, for our ears to enjoy, we must adopt these words into our actions. This is because in all the ages – Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and presently Kalyug, saints have always spoken what is in the interest of our welfare. If we begin to implement them in life even partly, it will embellish our life and make this earth also more beautiful. Let us, therefore, imbibe human values. This will make us speak good words which give coolness not only to our tongue, but sound pleasant to the listeners also. Others will be able to take inspiration from our lives and improve this earth which was created so beautiful by God but man damaged its beauty with his behaviour.

So, let us think as to how we can make our own contribution to make this earth fragrant instead of spreading filth. If we recall the nine-fold devotion suggested by Lord Rama to Shabri, he said that the first step towards devotion is to seek the company of saints. It is here that we begin our devotion in real sense. Today you also came for Satsang and gave time by putting off everything else. This is the first step in right direction. Whatever we learn from saints here will go a long way to imbibe new qualities in our life. It is here that we receive God-knowledge and start our devotion to God. Through God-knowledge we come to know the real entity of the Eternal One - God which remains the same even when we address Him with different names. Water may be given any name in any language but the element remains the same with its property of H2O. Similarly, we realise that it is the particle of the same Almighty God that dwells in us all. He exists all around and within. Geeta also mentions that the same fire exists in thousands of sticks. A tiny spark may, therefore, burn all the sticks. Religious scriptures mention that we are bondage by our actions of past lives. When we receive God-knowledge and begin our devotion in the company of saints, all these actions of the past stand neutralised.

As I look at the watch, I think I can share my thoughts further with you during the next congregation. As you listened, there will be a Mass Marriage Function day after tomorrow, and on April 24 we will have Manav Ekta Diwas along within blood donation camp. There also saints have to make their contribution whole heartedly. Since we are part of this world, let us make our contribution selflessly and donate our blood with the spirit of Service to Humanity, without thinking that we are obliging others.”

*   *   *