Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: April 17, 2019

On April 17, 2019, a Special congregation was organized at Ground No.8, Burari to welcome Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj on Her arrival in India after the 49 days overseas spiritual tour. Blessing the congregation Mata Ji stated:

“I am really delighted to see the spirit of enthusiasm in all of you. While I was travelling, I got to know that you all were regularly attending the congregations here. Your love can be strongly felt today while I am sitting amidst you all and also while I was physically away for around two months. When a child is admitted in a hostel he often says that he has to go back home because he is homesick. Your love was so strong that I did not get any such a feeling. At the same time, I was receiving the same amount of love wherever I was travelling.

We just heard about the recent tour starting from Singapore to various other places and in the end a visit to Thailand. We saw not only the saints but, all those who have respect for the Mission, came to listen to the feelings of devotion of the saints. They went back with a high impression of the Mission, and finally got themselves associated with the Mission in one form or another. It is hoped that the Light of Knowledge will spread from place to place. Wherever the congregations were held, it was told that there used to be a few saints earlier, but now the entire Satsang halls are found fully packed. It was overwhelming to see the high level of enthusiasm among saints. I pray that this positive trend may keep increasing not only in those countries, but also everywhere in our country as well.

May this enthusiasm grow not only in the countries outside but, here as well. While I talk about the tour, I could feel the same beautiful form of Mission which we hear about as the Mission of Shahenshah Ji’s era.

I would like to share an instance about a saint who used to be a sport player earlier but, now he was on a wheel chair due to some mishap. He was constantly expressing his gratitude towards Nirankar that, though before the accident his body’s mobility was high but, at least his life got saved in the tragedy. While the saint was expressing gratitude to Nirankar, the rest were praying for his early recovery.

There were other such live examples of saints seen. Like one of the saints had restricted vision but, he was still devoting his services in Media and other wings of the Mission. One woman devotee who was on dialysis was not praying for her physical health but, was seeking blessings that may her life be spent in devotion and faith. Be it in any era in the past, we refer to Treta Yug, Dwapar Yug or Satyug. The devotees have always sought for a life lived in faith and devotion. Life can only be lived in devotion if we receive God-knowledge and after receiving God-knowledge we cannot waste a single moment and should embellish our lives by treating this as the most precious gift in life. Saints lead a life which is beneficial for themselves and everyone around them. During the tour whenever I called here in Delhi to know if saints are doing well here, the only message I got was that saints are sending their reverence as Dhan Nirankar. So, I would like to convey the same greetings from the saints of various destinations that I got to visit during the tour.

Like in many places, even in Delhi and surrounding areas, we see that we get to attend the congregations with so much convenience, be it in the morning, evening or the weekly congregations. Saints from overseas were mentioning that at times there were only two of them in the city who followed the Mission and had to travel for 3 hours to attend a congregation. They would spend 2 hours in city and had to return after travelling another 3 hours of distance. To listen to the teachings of the Mission they use internet or WhatsApp and get solace by reading and listening to various forms of congregation. As I heard, I was filled with gratitude and prayed that may we keep getting blessed in abundance by attending congregations and at the same time may we never take them for granted. We always feel to quench the thirst of attending congregations and realise the precious gift we have received. If we compare ourselves with these saints, we get to attend the congregations so easily. While we take out reasons to not attend the congregation, saints there spend 6 hours of their days’ time to attend a congregation of just 2 hours duration.

Saints were also telling that many a times saints from other cities and countries are sent on contractual basis for a period of two or three years to another country or city. There are instances where a husband and wife are alone yet they do Satsang together. They are such tough situations but, saints do not leave their bond and continue the regularity to be a part of the congregations. So, we must remember the importance of Sewa, Sumiran, Satsang and God-knowledge like a fish that knows that it will lose its life if taken out of water.

May Nirankar bless all. Like we heard the announcements that there are two more congregations where we will get to see you all. While I was returning back to Delhi, I was thinking that the stay in Delhi will just be for 7-8 days. From 26th April, the tour for Nepal will begin. So, everyone was saying on a lighter note that the tour for Delhi has begun. In the end I pray that may we keep performing our duties of Sewa, Sumiran, Satsang the way you all have been doing so. The efforts made so far are worth complimenting. In addition, we should do our best to reach out to people within our contacts to motivate them and bring them closer to the Mission - the best way would be to motivate them through our own behaviour, Mission’s literature and discussing with them so as to convince them to join the Mission.”