Overseas Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From February 24, 2019 onwards
Malaysia: February 26 - 28, 2019

On February 26, 2019, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with Ramit Chandna Ji and Rakesh Mutreja Ji arrived in Malaysia from Singapore with Shri Sunil Khemani Ji and Shri Sohinder Mohan Singh Ji, Pramukh, Singapore.

The first Congregation was scheduled at Vivekananda Hall, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. There was a warm welcome of Her Holiness on Kuala Lumpur by the Sewadal members. Many saints from Singapore and Batu Pahat travelled to Kuala Lumpur to be a part of this blissful Samagam. Rev Sohinder Mohan Singh, Pramukh, Singapore emphasized upon the value of human life, in his speech. Shri Mridul Kumar Ji, Indian High Commissioner also joined the event and expressed his gratitude towards Satguru Mata Ji during his speech. The event was further cherished by Question-Answer rounds. All the questions were brilliantly answered with daily life examples by Rakesh Mutreja Ji. Reverend Ramit Ji in his discourse mentioned how lucky we are as we have got Satguru in our life and knowledge of this formless God (Nirankar). Reverend Sunil Ji expressed his gratitude to all those who attended this congregation.

Satguru Mata Ji in Her discourse signified the path of spiritual journey. Her Holiness also stressed upon how important the human species is, as it’s the only firm in which one can attain God-knowledge. Satguru Mata Ji bestowed blessings on every saint present during the congregation. Every one enjoyed this blissful opportunity and thanked Satguru Mata Ji.

On 28th February, 2019 Her Holiness blessed all saints at the Satsang Bhawan, Cheras Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Pramukh Rev. Pritam Das Ji along with all saints welcomed Her Holiness, Rev Ramit Ji and Rakesh Ji.

Satguru Mata Ji expressed her delightfulness towards all saints, as all were so engrossed to make this tour successful, Mata Ji also hinted to have frequent visits to this region which made all saints very happy. Saints joined in spiritual songs and were seeking blessing from Her Holiness. Question and Answer session was arranged for all saints about formless God, God-knowledge, Mission’s administrations. All questions were greatly answered by Rev. Rakesh Ji along with Rev. Rev Ramit Ji and Rev. Singh Sahab Ji.

There was a congregation arranged at ‘Katrina Hotel’ in Batu Pahat on February 28, 2019, here as well wonderful arrangements were done by Sewadal saints. Mata Ji arrived at the location along with Rev Ramit Ji and Rakesh Ji. Ram Kumar Ji, Mukhi of Batu Pahat welcomed Her Holiness with great joy and enthusiasm. The hall was almost full as many Nepali saints have become a part of this congregation. Here as well saints while spreading this divine message stressed upon Satguru’s teachings and how important it is to imbibe these teaching in our day to day life to attain the ‘Jeevan Mukti’. Rev Ramit Ji along with Sohinder Singh, Pramukh also stressed upon the same message and the significance of God-knowledge. Rakesh Ji finally thanked all saints for becoming a part of this holy congregation. This was indeed a complete spiritual treat for all saints.

Satguru Mata Ji addressed the congregation and stated:

“I am immensely delighted to see the saints coming from faraway places, who have taken out time from their busy schedules, to attend today’s Satsang. I would like to thank you all for choosing to come here despite your busy schedules and work commitments. Those who have come out of curiosity in order to find the true purpose of life must ask questions. So, as to understand the ultimate truth and be blessed with the Divine-knowledge. I have also noticed that each one of you was enjoying the essence of devotional expressions quite peacefully. While speakers were expressing their love for Nirankar through poetry and speeches, you all appeared blissful and content despite of the language barrier. Speakers used various languages like Punjabi, Hindi or Nepali but, everyone seemed to understand the crux. It is because we all are connected to each other through the Super Soul. Each one of us belong to the eternal, ultimate and imperishable God (Nirankar). As it was mentioned, that this body is our temporary identity and our actual address is our soul so we must live our life in realisation of God.

Purpose of receiving God knowledge is not just attaining salvation but, to also learn the correct way of living life. Nirankari mission doesn’t give specific mantras to change life overnight miraculously or convert miseries into contentment but, it provides the gift of gratitude. It transforms the way we look at life and moves us from the path of complaint to gratitude. After acquiring Divine-knowledge, our perception changes gradually. Some people perceive their jobs as worldly-mundane tasks which is tiring and boring whereas for some it’s a blessing to have work, to earn their livelihood. One might complain about not being rich enough and not having a luxurious life, multiple cars or houses. Whereas the other person may feel content that he has a roof over his head and food on his plate. The situation is same but, perceptions are different.

Our perspective towards life gets positive once we begin our journey on the path of divinity. We have to decide if we want to spend our life with complaints or with gratitude. Sometimes this feeling of contentment is quite temporary but, when we attain spiritual knowledge it becomes permanent.

As I am seeing lots of saints from Nepal, I can recall an example of everyone’s favourite Wai Wai Noodles. We don’t eat noodles directly out of the packet when we are hungry, we must cook them first. Label name Wai Wai, on its packaging is not good enough to make it edible. Similarly, being born as a Nirankari is not enough; one has to live the life with the essence of mission’s teachings and ideologies. The way we have made our life blissful with the Divine-knowledge, we should encourage and motivate others too on the path of divinity, so they can also enrich their lives.”

Finally it was time for departure. With a very heavy feeling all saints bid a farewell to Her Holiness, Rev Ramit Ji and Rakesh Ji. Her Holiness travelled to Singapore along with Singh Sahab Ji to bless saints from various countries in the further part of this Salvation Tour.

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