Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Delhi, Opp. Nirankari Sarovar, Nirankari Chowk: February 24, 2019

The Sant Nirankari Mission celebrated the 65th Birthday of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj with a massive Cleanliness and Tree Plantation Drive all over India and abroad. This included the cleaning of 925 Government Hospitals in 350 major cities of the country. The branches with no Government Hospitals or dispensaries cleaned their own Satsang Bhawans and the public parks. This was also marked by tree plantation. This campaign was carried out under the auspices of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF). Tree plantation was the major highlight of the campaign in 75 counties all over the world.

Satsang programmes to pay tributes to Baba Ji and take inspiration from his remarkable contribution to the Mission and humanity were, however, held across the world on Sunday, February 24. These programmes were based on ‘Sampuran Hardev Bani’. The main congregation was held in Samagam Ground No.2, Opposite Nirankari Sarovar Complex in Delhi in the benign presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. A huge number of devotees from Delhi NCR and several other places attended the programme. The ‘Hardev Bani’ has been translated in many languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Dogri, Kannad, Gujarati, Himachali ad English. There was recitation of one verse by the native saints from each language during this congregation. A DVD containing seven hymns from ‘Sampuran Hardev Bani’ rendered by different well-known singers of the Mission was released by Satguru Mata Ji during the congregation. Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness stated:

“Saints, today’s Satsang began with ‘Hardev Bani’, which is a great gift of Baba Hardev Singh Ji to us. He himself presented each word of the book beautifully to guide us in our life. If we read each word, each sentence carefully and adopt the same in our life, nobody knows how many good qualities we can imbibe. And we shall not establish those qualities in our own life but also be a source of inspiration for others. We can show them the right path, which saints and sages have always endeavoured to enlighten. They made every sacrifice for our comforts.

The same way, we saw the event that took place yesterday, where Sewa started for the construction of Health City which will be a great contribution of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj. Then we also cleaned various hospitals and other places and planted trees. Devotees did this Sewa because Baba Ji gave importance to such services (campaigns) in his own lifetime. He wanted that we should inculcate habits to remove the pollution both from our minds inside as well as surroundings outside.

If we look at Baba Ji’s contribution, it is impossible to comprehend the same in a few minutes, since each one of us learnt one thing or the other from his good qualities every moment. For example, you heard from the children of Bal Sangat in their song that Baba Ji loved them the most. A young girl said Baba Ji paid special attention to the youth. Similarly, the elderly narrated episodes from their own lives and said they received love from Baba Ji in abundance.

Without going into details, I would like to state that Baba Ji devoted each moment of his life and sacrificed his comforts for us. I observed right from my childhood that Baba Ji would never find time for rest. As soon as he returned to the Bhawan from a Satsang, he would find that many devotees have come from far and wide and wanted to meet him. Baba Ji would give time to them also and bless them with love.

If we look at our own life, in case we work hard for a week, we try to take rest for one or two days the next week, but Baba Ji could never take out time for himself, since he taught us in the family also that Satsang is the first priority of our life as compared to all other activities that go on otherwise also. I recall that once Baba Ji had 1040 fever, yet he attended the Satsang as scheduled. He did not give any impression from his face that he was not feeling well and had taken lot of medicines before coming to the stage. He mentioned after the Sangat that in case the devotees come to know about his health, they would not have enjoyed the Satsang.

Like this, Satguru Baba Ji taught us various things every day, every moment. We have only to adopt them truly in our life. Let us not confine ourselves to repeating his words only, it is all the more necessary to give them priority and follow what he taught, while treading the journey of our life. The most important thing that he bestowed us with was Brahmgyan (God-knowledge). Irrespective of our caste, creed, community, gender, mind-set and background, he blessed us with the greatest achievement of our life i.e. to rise above the material world. It did not mean that we have to be cut off from all the comforts of life before devotion. Baba Ji wanted that we should keep our persona clean face clean while fulfilling all the responsibilities of our household life. With this, he also wanted that we should become a source of guidance for others so that before we stop breathing which is beyond our control, others too may take the necessary step so that the remaining part of their life span is spent well with Brahmgyan as its base. This is the right path to follow in life every moment, he said.

After this greatest gift of Brahmgyan, Baba Ji was extremely benevolent to advise us to do Sewa and Sumiran every moment of our life and devote maximum time to Satsang so that we are saved from degrading from our path. We shall realize the presence of God all the time and thus make no mistakes at least knowingly or hurt the feelings of others.

Likewise, Baba Ji’s blessings on the social aspect are also manifold. In this context we can mention the Exhibition (Nirankari Pardarshani), the Museum – Journey Divine, the Fountain of Oneness, Samalkha Complex and many other landmarks. Moreover, he taught us the basics of the art of living in the form of slogans which he himself followed. He said let us build bridges (of love) and not the walls of hatred in the minds of the people. He talked about harmony in oneness and unity in diversity. He taught us not only by words but his practical life also the qualities like equable state of mind and a balanced life and so on. Let us make his teachings as the basis for living the remaining part of our life.

I would not like to take more of your time, because the programme has to continue. The scheduled time for Satsang is over and, therefore, those who have some urgent work may go back home, while the saints who want to enjoy the remaining Satsang programme are welcome to stay back.

In the end, I pray to God that the celebration of Baba Hardev Singh Ji’s birthday may not remain a symbolical affair. We must realise what his life was, what was his contribution and what were his expectations from us. If we realise this in our minds and endeavour to achieve the same, then Nirankar would certainly bless us with ability to believe each and every word spoken by him, translate the same into action and be a source of inspiration to others.”