Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh: From February 10 onwards
Madhya Pradesh, Sagar: February 14, 2019

On February 13, 2019 Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj resumed her salvation tour immediately after the special congregation to pay tributes to and take inspiration from the life of the well-known saint Om Prakash ‘Omi’ Ji concluded in Delhi. The entourage had the night halt at Gwalior. On February 14, before leaving for Sagar, Her Holiness gave the devotees at Gwalior an opportunity to pay their obeisance and seek blessings. On the way Satguru Mata Ji also blessed the devotees at Dubrah and Jhansi Satsang Bhawans. In Sagar a congregation was held the same day in the vast ITI Ground. Addressing the gathering Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, we left Delhi yesterday and had a night halt at Gwalior. Today we left Gwalior and reached here via Jhansi. I thought that the name of the town Sagar must have something to do with the ocean. On arrival here, however, I found that it was not so. Then I recalled that Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj taught us always to keep our minds as vast as the ocean. Waves keep on rising and falling but, they do not flow out. The waves that cross the shore, also come back. The ocean holds the entire water within itself. Then Baba Ji would also compare the river with the ocean and say that the two are not equal. There is a lot of disturbance in the river because it is not as deep as the ocean. Similarly, we feel overjoyed when we find something pleasant in our life and extremely agonized when there is something painful. It’s only after attaining God-knowledge that our mind remains balanced in both the situations.

Those who might be attending the Satsang for the first time must have noticed that everybody here talked about God-knowledge and the almighty God. The lifespan we have got is reducing with every breath, with every moment. Hence, in case you have not received the Divine Knowledge during the life spent so far, you can attain it and feel blessed for the rest of your lives.

You must not have heard during Satsang that you are given different Mantras here to remove poverty or restore health, etc. Here you are taught only to surrender to the will of God. Let us realise that everything is happening as per the will of God and whatever He does is good. Let us believe that whatever kind of life He has blessed us with, is very good. We should have no complaint whatsoever. Neither we should compare our life with others. On the other hand, let us express our gratitude to the Almighty every moment of our life saying that He has given us everything good and in good measure.

Not only this, God-knowledge brings many other changes in our life. The mind which was entangled in worldly affairs, conflicts and hatred starts loving everyone after we attain God-knowledge. We see the reflection of God in every human being.

Saints, as you know, today is Valentine Day also, symbolising love. In Christianity there was a saint called Valentine. He sacrificed his life only for love. Similarly, let us also be guided by the feelings of love, but not only for one day. Let us always have the feelings of love, humility, broad-vision and all other qualities that make us human beings in the real sense.

Let us take another example to understand how our life-span is passing continuously. At school, when there is an examination for a particular subject, we know that we have only three hours at our disposal to answer all the questions. But, on the contrary we do not know our life-span exactly. We just do not know when our breathing may stop. Our breathing continues to tick like a timer and sounding like a drum-beat. It’s like the arms of a clock that go on moving forward and nobody knows when they may stop. Hence, we must know our Self while still we have time. Only then we shall be able to realize that our real identity is that of God.

God has created this universe with charming Nature. There are beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, seas and the trees etc. All that is visible is fascinating. So, we look at Nature and admire it. This world can, however, really improve and become more beautiful when every human being brings a change in his mind by attaining God-knowledge and sees the Almighty in every particle of the universe. This will improve not only your own life but others also. Everyone who comes in contact with you and spends some time with you, will also find peace for his mind and admire you. In this way, you will not only make your own life happy here and hereafter, but others also will feel influenced to bring this change in their life. And as said – Par Hit Saras Dharm Nahi Bhai (No religion is greater than being helpful to others). There are many religions in the world, but true religion is the religion of humanity. We all must, therefore, imbibe human qualities.

We are taught human qualities at home and at school in our childhood. They, however, go on disappearing as we grow. But in case we receive God-knowledge, we shall never do anything that may give a reason to others to point a finger on us and say – No doubt you are in a human body, but you don’t have the qualities of a human being. Let us, therefore, know our real self before such a situation arises or we stop breathing. This will make our life hereafter happy.

Now I would like to take leave of you without saying anything more except that we all have to remain linked with God each day of our life through Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang. Attending Satsang, however, should not become a ritual that you come, do Namaskar, sit and then go. Whatever is said in Satsang must be adopted in life. You must not forget what you listen here. On the other hand, you must use the same in whatever you do in your life.

Similarly, there is no fixed time for Sumiran. We should do Sumiran like we breathe. Whatever we may do, breathing continues. Like that let us do Sumiran while doing our work as naturally as breathing. As said, while our hands are at work, our heart is with God.

As regards Sewa, we must be prepared mentally first. Suppose our mind wants to do Sewa but we are not physically well, it means our Sewa has been accepted the same moment. But if we are physically well and connected with Sewadal, SNCF or Sadh Sangat also, even if we serve our parents with a glass of water, it is Sewa. Along with the feelings in our mind, however, we must do Sewa as per the decorum or discipline. And besides doing Sewa with mind and body, we can do it with material wealth also. While doing so, let us remember that all our physical, mental and material possessions have been given to us by God and spend our wealth towards Sewa of His creation i.e., mankind. And there should be no personal motive behind such Sewa. We must not have such a thinking at all. We should trust that everything we possess has come from God and spend the same towards the service of His beautiful creation, the human beings. And it will be accepted only if we do with our mind free from any motive.”

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