Salvation Tour by Her Holiness
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

States of Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: From December 13 onwards
Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram: January 04, 2019

On January 04, 2019 Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, blessed the saints of Thiruvananthapuram. A huge number of devotees from the surrounding areas assembled at the scheduled time. During Her discourse Mata Ji said:

Saints, we have been blessed with this Satsang since about 7pm. The process of our thinking changes the moment we receive God-knowledge that is bestowed upon us. We are praising the Lord Almighty here, and discussing the human values and transformations of our lives, after being blessed with this divine Knowledge. My thoughts are no different from the views which are already expressed here. Since childhood, I’ve also moved forward in life with the teachings of Satsang, and by the grace of Nirankar. As a child, I used to travel with Babaji on spiritual tours and have visited this region before. May Nirankar bless everyone sitting here, with the positive changes in life, so much so, that we are able to influence the world by our acts and are able to publicise Nirankari mission through our good deeds. May we attract people connected to us, on the path of spirituality while maintaining harmony. Saints, we all have gathered here today to not only talk about but, to practice love, peace and other human values. May we continue our journey on the path of spirituality and use each and every breath with the realisation of God, as we do not know which would be our last breath. We may call God by various names like Avinashi, Pandu or Vitthal but all the names lead to one Almighty, Nirankar. And the purpose of human life is to realise oneself through realising God.

So, once we have attained this Brahmgyan, we must not forget that Nirankar is omnipresent, and after this God-realisation we should not make deliberate, intentional mistakes. May we always seek forgiveness from Nirankar for the mistakes done by us. Those who are yet to receive God-knowledge, should not think that God-realisation is a complicated process and one has to go through the cycles of birth and re-birth in fact we are relieved of it. The reason behind our existence in this human body, is to have the possibility to receive the divine knowledge.

When we judge a person based on his country, city, appearance, food habits, language or the way he dresses up, then we should understand that our outlook is unwilling to consider alternatives and we are becoming narrow minded.

We have to rise above such dogmatic prejudices, it is possible only by the grace of Nirankar. Once we receive God-Knowledge, then we realise that we all belong to one source – the ultimate Divine. Irrespective of external differences, we all are one and are connected to each other through our souls. When we are one, then on what basis do we dislike each other. After being blessed with divine knowledge, there should be no reason to get distant from one another because Nirankari mission’s ideologies are based on universal brotherhood, harmony in oneness, tolerance, love, humility, magnanimity and all the human values. We get to learn all these virtues in Satsang but, these learnings shouldn’t be just limited to Satsang. We have to implement these teachings in our day to day lives too and as we learn these qualities, we should become all the more humble. At the end, without taking much of your time, I would pray, that the kind of enthusiasm seen here today in the Kerala Satsang should increase manifold in the times to come.

*   *   *