Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: October 29, 2017

Preparations for the 70th Annual Sant Samagam are in progress in full swing. Since their inauguration by Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj on October 8, 2017, therefore, the Sunday congregations in Delhi have also been held in Ground No.2 where the main Satsang Pandal is being set up. The congregation on October 29, also held here, was attended by thousands of Sewadal volunteers and other devotees from various parts of the country doing Sewa as also from all over Delhi and adjoining areas. Blessing the gathering, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, all of you are doing Sewa day and night in these grounds since so many days and we have seen this view for several years. You remove the stones and level the uneven ground so that devotees coming to attend the Samagam can sit comfortably and enjoy it. This is, of course, the outcome of your positive feelings. Otherwise, we find in the world people coming for picnic in gardens or visiting tourist and historical places leave behind all kinds of rubbish or waste littered all around. They leave the place dirty. They put scratches or write something at many places.

Saints, this difference is there because your thoughts and feelings vary from theirs. We find in cameras also that different filter effects are used these days. We can change the colour of a photograph or merge another photograph with it with the use of photo shop. We can remove somebody’s photograph from it as well.

Saints, this technology has been created by man himself. These days, however, we find that some filter effects have come in man’s mind also. Such people start using different filter effects for different persons.

If they like someone or think somebody is right, they use the filter effect of their liking even if the person may be wrong. And if they think somebody is wrong, they use a different filter effect even if the person may be right.

Saints, those who get united with God, however, they do away with this filter effect. They have only one outlook, they perceive God in one and all. Saints, they believe in shedding praise and slander both and search for the divine destination or salvation. I read a line somewhere which said that your life becomes a master piece if you learn the master piece. After receiving God-knowledge, we get connected with Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang. And if we imbibe this feeling, this attitude, we do not allow anything to affect our devotion. Neither we think of nor we do anything bad unto others. We do not get upset even if somebody talks ill of us.

Saints, may God bless everyone so that these positive feelings continue to prevail in all and they continue to move forward while doing Sewa and Sumiran.”

Earlier, addressing the congregation, Rev Baldev Narang Ji, Sector Incharge Model Town, Delhi said that there was a time when, like the world, we also ignored all the whiteness of a paper and concentrated on a tiny blot in black colour. We also ignored all the good qualities of others and criticized them for minor faults. But when we came here, Satguru taught us the art of looking at the merits and ignoring the faults of others. Even today Satguru Mata Ji is teaching us the lesson of large-heartedness. Let us follow the words of Her Holiness and give our devotion to God its real meaning. In fact true devotion means to follow what the True Master says, he said.

Rev Dayal Singh Ji, Sanyojak Bahadurgarh, Haryana said that when we receive God-knowledge with the grace of Satguru here, we become sensitive about the pain and sorrow of others and start sympathising with them. He said that Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji used to inquire about the welfare of every devotee and bless them to overcome their hardships and problems. Rev Dayal Singh Ji appealed to every devotee not to give up this quality of sympathising with others, which is taught only by Satguru.

Rev Dilip Ji from Mumbai said that we can accomplish even the most difficult task in life if we trust the True Master. In fact Satguru is so kind and generous that he makes such a task easy for us. Quoting his own experience, he said, “I had just got a job with the blessings of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji in 2008. I was keen to attend the Samagam in Delhi at least for one day. For this, however, I could take leave for 3 days only. In no case the office was prepared to give leave beyond three days. So, I applied for 3 days’ leave and requested a friend to arrange for a suitable Railway ticket. He, however, got me an Air ticket, which was beyond my imagination and financial resources as well. This miracle of my trust in Satguru made my visit to Delhi not only possible but comfortable also. I attended the Samagam, received Baba Ji’s blessings and returned to Mumbai on time.” He appealed to all to have full faith in Satguru and follow the path of Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang.

Rev Gurmohan Singh Ji from USA, remembered his father Rev Tejinder Singh Ji, Up-Mukhya Sanchalak Sewadal who merged into Nirankar in Delhi, and said that he served the Mission and the True Master quietly whatever may be the circumstances or conditions at home. He always taught his children to remain submitted to Satguru and obey his word in letter and spirit.

*   *   *