Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: September 17, 2017

In Delhi, the Sunday congregation on September 17, 2017 was once again held in Samagam Ground No.8. This was the day when in 1969, Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji relinquished his physical form and passed into this eternal abode forever. Thousands of devotees – men, women and children, attended it. Blessing the gathering, Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj said:

“Saints, you must have often heard a line written by a saint poet of the past Almast Ji which Baba Ji also repeated many times. It says – O’ motor parts, big or small, keep fitted and connected! Saints, this was the experience of those elderly saints, their trust in God and attachment with the Mission. They said – We are receiving so much of love and respect since we are connected or attached with this Mission, connected with God. If we get disconnected, we shall get rusted (like motor parts that fall from the vehicle). Saints, a broken part will go to the scrap dealer only. Now we have to do our own analysis and see whether we are truly connected with this Mission, with Nirankar, with Sewa-Satsang-Sumiran or we are here because of some self-interest. Saints, we receive this love and respect because we are connected or attached with the same.

Saints, in the world today we find people at every step who try to shake our faith with their words. Even blood relations here are based on selfishness. They are there so long as their self-interest is fulfilled, otherwise, the relationship gets broken. Saints, we often heard Rajmata Ji saying – When it comes to self-interest, even a daughter robs the mother.

Saints, do we also have the same faith as those elderly saints or not? We have to think. Saints, you have heard that song which says – May God bless with a life full of strong spirit of devotion, and faith as strong as rocks.

Saints, Baba Ji also said – ‘Faith is bread for everyday breakfast, not a cake for special occasion’. God has given us the talent, the brain. Now, we have to think as to for what we have to connect with the Mission. We heard a line from a saint which says – Those who use their intelligence as a weapon give wounds to others, but if intelligence is used as an instrument, it will solve all the problems. Let us pray to God so that we are always the instruments to spread love, compassion and humility the instruments of peace, the instruments to get connected with Sewa-Satsang-Sumiran.

Saints, even if we do not take a bath for a week or so, we can make our body fragrant by using perfume 4 or 5 times daily, but in order to make our action, speech and behaviour fragrant, we must get connected with God and do Sewa and Satsang.

Saints, just now you received inspiration from Shahenshah Ji and saw how he strengthened the faith of devotees, how in Paharganj he gave equal love as a single family to those who had just come from Pakistan, without discrimination on the basis of caste, high or low. May God bless us all so that we are able to always follow his teachings and mould our life as those elderly saints cherished.

Earlier, paying a tribute to Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji, Rev JRD ‘Satyarthi’ Ji, President Sant Nirankari Mandal, said that he never hesitated to work as a labourer or servant. It was due to his hard work that he rose in life gradually. No wonder, when he rose to the highest level as Spiritual Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission, he taught his devotees the same art of living based on hard work. Let us also learn and adopt this in our life today.

Rev C.L. Gulati Ji, Secretary Sant Nirankari Mandal quoted Sampuran Avtar Bani extensively and said we often come here and pray for the way of life as desired by Satguru from us while Shahenshah Ji has already laid down the same in Stanza 96. It says that after receiving God-knowledge, we serve all. Satguru himself says that he is there to serve all and lead them to salvation. Lord Christ says, I have come in the world to serve and not to be served. Similarly, if we serve all, we shall also become No.1. The Holy Bible says, if you want to be first, serve the rest.

While serving others, Shahenshah Ji advised us to treat the entire mankind as one global family and not to discriminate on the basis of religion and caste. Moreover, we have to do good unto all and avoid all kinds of negative feelings. Ego or false pride even in God-knowledge has to be avoided as its worst enemy.

Another prominent speaker of the day was Rev H.S. Kohli Ji, Up-Mukhya Sanchalak Sewadal. Paying tribute to Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji he gave a detailed account of his devotion to Satguru and efforts to take the Mission forward. He said right from the day he received God-knowledge from Baba Buta Singh Ji in 1929, he dedicated to the Master both physically and materially. First he opened his cash box for Baba Ji and later served him and his spouse by keeping them in the family. A stage came when he handed over his bakeries to his servants and stared serving the Mission on whole time basis.

Rev Kohli Ji also gave the details how Shahenshah Ji started holding congregations after migrating from Pakistan to Delhi, from a small house in Paharganj and took it to vast Samagams in Ramlila Ground. He said Shahenshah Ji had his own way to deal with those who opposed, criticized and abused him. Once he sent sweet cold water to those who were shouting against him outside his residence.

It was due to his own example that whosoever received Brahm Gyan from Shahenshah Ji surrendered all his time and energy to take this Divine Light further. Devotees organized Prabhat Pheris, processions and took many other steps to attract the masses towards the Mission.

Several other speakers, poets and Geetkars paid tributes to Shahenshah Ji and said Baba Hardev Singh Ji rightly cherished to bring back the Mission of Shehenshah Ji’s times.

*   *   *