Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: October 30, 2016

On Sunday, October 30, 2016, Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj addressed the weekly congregation in Samagam Ground where preparations for the 69th Annual Sant Samagam are going on in full swing. Thousands of devotees from Delhi and adjoining areas as also the volunteers from outside were present.

Addressing the congregation, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, about 2-3 days back, I got an opportunity to go round the Samagam grounds in the morning. Several devotees were standing in a queue near the vehicle. In open space beyond that line, there was a bird’s dead body, may be a pigeon or a crow. Suddenly, a kite swooped down and lifted the bird and flew back. But soon, the bird fell down. Perhaps it was so heavy that the kite could not hold it in its beak. So, the kite tried again and again and the bird got dropped every time. And every time the kite came behind the line of devotees, my attention would get diverted from them towards the bird. Suddenly, the voice came from the loud speaker that worldly objects distract us from God so quickly that our mind gets disconnected from the Almighty God and starts wandering here and there.

Saints, there are many manmade wonders. We look at the Taj Mahal and admire its beauty, its architecture. We wonder how it would have been built during those days! Similarly, we see the China Wall or Pyramids and admire them. Now, do we ever thank the Almighty God who has given us so unique gifts? He has given us the eyes to see, the ears to listen, the mouth, the hands, the feet. We really forget to express our gratitude to the Almighty for all this and start complaining for what we don’t have. However, no amount of gratitude would be enough to express for all the gifts He has blessed us with. So, let us stop making complaints. On the other hand, we will gain nearness to God and remain connected to Him as much as we express our gratitude to Him. And this will make our life peaceful, correspondingly.

Saints, today we are mentioning Diwali also. Baba Ji lighted in us the lamp of love, compassion and humility. Let us multiply the same.”

Addressing the congregation, Shri J.S. Khurana, Mukhya Sanchalak Sewadal recalled the times of Shahenshah Baba Avtar Singh Ji, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Baba Hardev Singh Ji and said that each and every word spoken by Satguru is eternally true. The devotees who received blessings are prospering today and the message of the Mission is reaching every part of the world. Satguru took pity on us and blessed us with God-knowledge without any consideration of our caste, religion, dress or culture, our education or social status. Based on spiritual enlightenment, they showed us the right direction to lead our life while fulfilling all our worldly responsibilities. They taught us how live like a lotus in water but above water.

Today Satguru Mata Ji is also reminding us about their teachings and inspiring us to adopt the same in our daily experience. Let us follow each and every word coming from her as a divine verdict. She is representing all her predecessors as also the Almighty God.

Among other prominent speakers who also addressed the congregation was Shri Shingara Singh Ji, Sanyojak from Greater Noida. He said that like every child who joins the school is a student, every man and woman who receives God-knowledge and joins Sant Nirankari Mission is a saint. Just as the class or the marks obtained by a student do not affect his or her status as student, the merits or demerits of a devotee too have no effect on his or her status as Saint. A student remains a student even if he or she fails in a class, simply because his or her admission to the school stays as it is. Similarly, we remain devotees or a part of the Mission even if we do not perform well.

Here, however, Satguru is always there to guide us, to take us along on the path of Truth. Let us, therefore, obey what Satguru says. Here lies, our welfare.

Another speaker Shri Jobandeep Ji from Amritsar said that there was a time when religion gave festivals but today festivals determine religion. Diwali started as a festival to welcome Truth or the Lord, but today Diwali is celebrated only to light lamps and burst crackers. People do not remember the Truth that was to welcome. Nobody bothers to remember the example of Bharat as an ideal brother and follow it. Diwali also reminds us about Hanuman Ji who obeyed the Master without any ifs and buts.

Today Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj is uniting us with Truth. Let us spread it further as the world needs it most.

Shri Lal Singh Ji from Malviya Nagar, Delhi recalled the conversation that took place on this day (Diwali) about 500 years back between some saints (Siddhas) and Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Siddhas asked Guru Nanak how he changed his life and could control his mind, his desires. Guru Nanak told them that he found this revolution in his life when the True Master connected him with Truth and enlightened his mind. Today, here also Satguru is revealing God, making us spiritually enlightened so that we do not only conquer our mind, control our desires, but find salvation for the soul also. Let us obey Satguru Mata Ji and experience this revolution not only for ourselves but inspire others also.

*   *   *