Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Delhi: September 11, 2016

On Sunday, September 11, 2016, the weekly Sangat in Delhi was again organized in Samagam Ground No.8, Burari Road. Thousands of devotees from Delhi and surrounding areas assembled with the same enthusiasm and spirit of faith and devotion as in past. Before Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj arrived, Shri S.L. Khurana Ji, Member Incharge Accounts blessed the devotees, Addressing the congregation towards conclusion, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, Baba Ji often quoted an example, which I heard perhaps at Mussoorie. He said that when we go higher in hills, we often find so much fog that we cannot see anything even close to us. But as soon as we come down, the fog ends and we start seeing everything.

Saints, exactly like this, the one who has the fog of false pride in his mind, he cannot see anything around him because he is overwhelmed with ego. But when the same person bows with humility, he begins to see the good things around him since the pride within has disappeared.

Saints, often we find that if a person meets us but does not talk properly, we think he is a man with ego. We often say that he has grown wings. No doubt wings are needed by birds to fly high. But man rises high in the eyes of others automatically, when he gets humble, when he imbibes humility in his mind.

Saints, no matter how big a house is, how big a car is or we may have millions in bank balance, but the size of grave is always the same. Why we be proud? Saints, we might have often heard the story written by Tolstoy – How much land does a man need! A man is told to walk around a land from sunrise to sunset and own the area he covers after returning to the point from where he starts. The man becomes greedy and starts running. And by sunset, he gets so exhausted that he falls down. The blood comes from his mouth and he dies there itself. And when he is buried, he needs only 6 to 7 feet of land.”

Earlier, Shri Jordan from Poland said that with 18 members, the Sant Nirankari Mission has made a start in that country also, for which he thanked Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj. He said that they faced some opposition from some religious organizations, but things settled when they were told that the Mission does not change one’s religion, it only wants that you should know the God you believe. The Mission emphasizes that before becoming anything else, one must be a human being, adopt human values.

Referring to Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Shri Jordan said, it is like a teacher in the school. The teacher may change but the lesson, the course remains the same. Here also, no doubt Satguru Mata Ji has taken over from Baba Ji but Brahm Gyan, the Mission we are taught remains the same. So, let us have faith in Satguru Mata Ji and take the Mission forward.

Smt. Kamla Setya Ji from Panchkula, Chandigarh recalled Baba Ji’s remarks in Mumbai Samagam that he could not achieve anything during the past 36 years. This was a matter of concern for us all. It meant that we had failed to understand and follow him. He wanted us to live with love. He wanted to shower his smile on each one of us. Perhaps that is why he wanted the organizers to arrange the lines for Namaskar in such a way that he could look at every devotee in those lines. Today, we are missing that smile of Baba Ji. So, let us start giving our own smile to Satguru Mata Ji so that she too smiles back on us and we feel blessed.

Smt. Setya Ji recalled the time when her son Avneet Setya also died in the road crash in Canada that snatched Baba Ji from us forever. That was the time, she said, when she was failing to think how to console the holy daughter and her daughter-in-law Sudiksha Ji. But she was surprised when she found her consoling the entire family. We all know how Mata Ji conducted herself despite her heath problem. Smt. Setya called upon every woman devotee of the Mission to take care of their family and bring them to Satsang. This is what Satguru Mata Ji wants from us all today.

Shri Amrit Pal from Mumbai said that in devotee’s life two things are important – Darshan (holy glimpse) and Noble Thoughts. And for both these factors we have to focus on Satguru.

Shri Amrit Pal Ji narrated a story from Mahabharata and said Lord Krishna was pleased with Arjuna because he kept him in front even in the battlefield. Today, let us also keep Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji in front and simply follow her. As mother, she understands our feelings and the requirements even when we are not able to express the same in words. We should simply trust her. And we shall find that we are in safe hands. If we fold our hands in front of Her Holiness, we shall not be required to do the same in front of anybody else in the world. Those who bow their eyes before her will not be required to do the same in front of anybody else in the world.

Smt. Parimal ‘Pinno’ Ji from Gurgaon said that there are two most sublime and compassionate hearts in the world. One is the heart of Satguru and the other is the heart of the mother. Both of them shower their love and care on us. Today, we are fortunate to have both these hearts in one body – Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj. Now, it’s for us to just act upon every word that comes from Her Holiness. We can rest assured that she knows our problems and she is always there to look after us. No doubt she speaks quite briefly. But we must catch the essence of each word and follow the same.

Smt. Parimal ‘Pinno’Ji said that we have to follow the path of devotion despite the ups and downs of the material life. If we want to drive, we shall have to bear with the lights. You can never think of a situation where you may find all the lights green for you.

*   *   *