Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: June 12, 2016

It was exactly one month back that Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj left us all in a car crash near Montreal in Canada but every devotee seemed still to be under a deep shock and unable to reconcile with such a tragic play of the Almighty Nirankar. No doubt, the dilemma had been eased to a great extent with the appearance of his gracious spouse Pujya Mata Savinder Ji as Satguru, but even the learned saints failed to understand the lesson that God or Satguru Baba Ji himself sought to teach the Mission or the world through such a cruel occurrence. Every speaker of the day, therefore, had no other theme to touch or deal with through their speeches, devotional songs and poems.

Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj attended the congregation towards conclusion. Blessing the huge gathering, she said:

“Baba Ji used to state quite often that man today has become so narrow-minded that no one is prepared to tolerate the other. He said that if we see the other person small, it means either we look at him or her from a distance or we are proud. Often we put labels on human beings. Then, are we really so perfect that we get a right to judge and pass remarks about others like this? Let us leave unto God to see what kind of a person he or she is and what they are doing. This will enable us to stay relaxed. There is a song that children sing often - The one who trusts completely in the will of God, finds the life easy. God does what He wills, and whatever He does is right. In love for God, there is only one principle that we accept Him and we accept whatever He does.”

Shri Kirpa Sagar, Member Incharge Internet, Press and Publicity and Publications was one of the prominent speakers of the day. He said that we all belong to a perfect Mission. Its basic principles enable us to deal with any situation in life. It was the very first basic principle that enabled us to bear with the tragedy on April 24, 1980 and the same has come to our rescue to reconcile with what happened on May 13. Just as Baba Hardev Singh Ji consoled us to accept Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji’s supreme sacrifice as will of God, the same thing has been said now by Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj on the sudden disappearance of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj from amongst us. An ‘accident’ has been reduced to an ‘incident’.

Shri Kirpa Sagar said that right from beginning, this Mission has called upon every human being to know God and unite with Him. This will remove the darkness of ignorance and lead to end the distance of man from man on the basis of caste, religion, culture, language, nationality, etc. and to establish unity in diversity, harmony in oneness, peaceful coexistence and tolerance. Explaining the second and third basic principles of the Mission, he said that the same save us from coming into clash with any one on the basis of religion, caste, dress and diet.

He said that if anything pained Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj most, it was the violence in the name of religion because it was based on ignorance that could easily he removed by God-knowledge. Similarly, within the Mission Baba Ji felt disturbed when he found two devotees having difference of opinion at any level because he did not see any reason for the same.

Shri Kirpa Sagar concluded by saying that if we want to take this Mission to the heights Baba Ji wanted to see, as called upon by Satguru Mata Ji, then we shall have to understand and adopt the basic ideology of the Mission and avoid what it so consciously advises us to avoid.

Smt. Kavita Bekal Ji, one of the members of Baba Ji’s personal staff, said that the devotees are passing through a situation today which cannot be explained in words. Baba Ji has left the impression of his love and kindness on the heart of each one, whether young or old. We are receiving heaps of messages where devotees are expressing their gratitude to Baba Ji in glorious terms. Even the Members of Guru Parivar, particularly Sudiksha Ji have become an example of ideal Gursikhs. Let us now have the same kind of faith and devotion for Satguru Mata Ji. Let our actions speak for the Mission.

Smt. Neelam Wadhwa, Mukhi Sarita Vihar, Delhi said that Baba Ji devoted every moment of his life for the welfare of humanity. His sudden merger into Nirankar was such a sudden turning point for the Mission that everybody felt stumbling and loosing his or her balance. Most of them thought that Baba Ji had punished himself for our faults. But Satguru is always kind to his devotees and forgives their faults. Hence the question of punishing himself for the same should not arise.

Smt. Wadhwa said that we are fortunate that Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji has already held the reins of the Mission in her benign hands. We are sure to receive the same love and affection as well as guidance from her as we did from Baba Ji. It is like a principal of the college handing over the charge to another while there is no change in studies or syllabus. Let us, therefore, act as directed by Satguru Mata Ji and spread the light of God-knowledge as preached by Baba Buta Singh Ji and all his successors. As Satguru Mata Ji has already stated, we have to work shoulder to shoulder to raise the Mission where Baba Ji wanted to see it. Satguru Mata Ji also wants us to become an example of faith and contentment and lead a detached life while staying in words like a lotus in water.

*   *   *