Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

State of Rajasthan from April 14 to 19, 2016

Bikaner, Rajasthan: April 17, 2016

On April 17, before leaving Jaisalmer for Bikaner, Baba Ji blessed a large number of devotees at Sewa Sadan. Addressing them briefly, he said:

“Devotees are always keen to attend congregation and be is the company of saints. They are always guided by the spirit of humility and submission. That is why they remain devoted to God even while fulfilling all their domestic and social responsibilities. They imbibe noble feelings and tread the journey of life with the realization of God. They remain contented. Their sweet language and pleasant behaviour make their life beautiful.”

Thereafter, His Holiness and his entourage left for Bikaner. On the way, he blessed the devotees at village Nalgaon with holy Darshan.

In Bikaner a huge congregation was held in the same evening in the Sadul Club Ground near Deendayal Circle. Addressing the gathering, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj said:

“You all have assembled here with the feelings of devotion. You were repeating the same message which was given by saints, Gurus and prophets in all ages. Man is running a mad race to achieve as much in this material world as possible. He wants to attain ‘everything’ without realising that God whom he calls ‘nothing’ is ‘everything’. It is God who is manifest in every object of the world. He is there in every particle of the universe. Man fails to know Him because of ignorance.

Ordinarily man lives at physical level. He cares for every need of his body and makes every effort to provide it. But his real identification is with God. He fails to know self unless he knows God. If someone has never seen his own face in the mirror, he will fail to recognize his own photograph. Man must, therefore, know God in order to know his own self. It is unfortunate that due to ignorance even soul which is particle of God identifies itself with body. Naturally it identifies itself with religion, caste, language, dress and all such considerations associated with body. But once it knows God and identifies with Him, it rises above all these identities of the body. There are no disputes on the basis of the same. Since God has no religion, caste or culture of its own. When the original or source is pure, its particle also becomes pure, free from all those identities which are related to body. When the sun has no religion or caste, how can its rays have one?

Truly speaking, even man is not born with any such symbols, signs or identities. They are all man-made. That is why there are walls, distances, discriminations and disputes. We have to understand that like a potter makes different pots from the same clay, God also creates different people from the same five basic elements. It is His own skill that no two persons have the same finger prints even though they are made from the same five elements. If we look at the universe, there is unity in diversity. Diversity is a sign of beauty. But man makes it a base for discrimination while God, the source of oneness, exists in all.

Once we know God as one, we are united with each other. We have the feelings of unity and cooperation. The entire mankind becomes a global family, universal brotherhood. As you know Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji lived and laid down his life to strengthen human unity only.

This human life is both rare and short-lived. It has been compared with a bubble of water which disappears in no time. Man, however, fails to value this most precious gift of God. He wastes it in pursuit of worldly objects and pleasures. He spends the whole life in the darkness of ignorance. He does not experience the light of God-knowledge. May everyone attain this wisdom and unite with Truth i.e., God.”

The congregation was attended by several dignitaries, the most prominent among them being the Parliamentary Secretary of the Government of Rajasthan, Dr. Shiv Nath Meghwal. Dr. Sandhya Saxena, Zonal Incharge Bikaner thanked His Holiness and the participants.

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