Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

State of Rajasthan from April 14 to 19, 2016

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: April 16, 2016

On April 16, before leaving Barmer for Jaisalmer, His Holiness blessed the devotees in the ‘Satsang Bhawan’. He said:

“With God-knowledge we illumine the path of life and we tread our journey in this light. It is, therefore, imperative to keep this light on for which we have to seek the company of saints, remember God and serve others selflessly. We must remain devoted to God with the feelings of truthfulness and contentment. In fact, truth, peace and contentment are the ornaments that decorate the life of saints.”

Thereafter Baba Ji blessed the devotees at the place called Shiv in the Barmer district itself. Here he said:

“Devotees always pray for devotion because they treat devotion as sigh of their identification. They are not identified by their dress, language and culture but their faith, love, humanity and other noble feelings. Man has built all kinds of walls in the name of religion that divide or distance man from man. Devotees dismantle these walls and build bridges to establish a single global family.”

In Jaisalmair, congregation was held the same evening. Addressing the devotees, His Holiness said:

“Our dress, language or culture may change as we move from place to place, but the message of Truth remains the same. It is like water which may be called by numerous names but the stuff, the object remains the same. God also may be addressed by different names, but the Supreme Entity, the omnipresent and all-pervadomg Supreme Power remains the same.

Man, remains quarrelling over the names of God. He remains ignorant of the basic entity who is named as God, Allah, Akal Purakh and so on. Man must realize that this life span is too short. It is a rare opportunity to rise above unnecessary controversies and know God in His real form as Supreme Entity. Man does realize the lack of time at his disposal and, therefore, runs after worldly achievements. But it is a matter of regret that he does not show the same keenness to know God in His real identity. He remains focused on worldly objects having their own beauty and attraction and does not care to make this most important achievement of Divine Name, this divine wealth. And the result is that he goes from the world as empty handed as he comes.

Saints, therefore, advise man to value the time whatever is at his disposal and unite with Truth. Let him show the same awareness about Truth as he has for the material world. As said – Man is more concerned with livelihood than the One who provides it. He is more interested in creation rather than the Creator. No doubt the principal objective of human life was to attain the Truth and make it meaningful, but he remained so entangled in worldly affairs that he just forgot the most important aspect. As said – Man came to have flowers from this garden of life, but he got stuck up in the thorns.

Saints tried to awaken man in every age. They said – O’ traveller, awake and rise, it is morning now, it’s not night. No doubt man is awakened towards the material world and tries to know as much about it as possible. And he has made numerous achievements also. But he does not show the same keenness about knowing the Almighty God.

God is limitless. He is not governed by time whereas everything in the universe is. God is immortal, self-born. To unite with Him is the primary aim of human life. Man, however, shows no keenness towards this aspect, even though saints have always warned him that every breath is the drum beat that tells man to rise and get ready to march.

Therefore, let everyone live life with love and cooperation. Let him try to raise the fallen, wipe the tears and provide smile to others. Let him give up violence. If man lives with these noble feelings, this will make the entire atmosphere of the world pleasant and beautiful. Let us, therefore, live with love and beautify this garden of the world, not destroy it with hatred. Love makes life prosperous. We find the walls that divide us, distance us from one another. Often we criticize other countries for discrimations found there on the basis of colour and creed. But we find such walls in our own country at every step. Let us, therefore, remove these walls of hatred and build bridges of love.”

The congregation was marked by songs, poems and speeches by various saints. While Shri Hari Mohan Gehlot expressed his views, the local Mukhi Shri Dharm Singh Panwar thanked His Holiness and sought his benign blessings so that they are able to take the Mission forward in the form he desires.

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