Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

State of Rajasthan from April 14 to 19, 2016

Barmer, Rajasthan: April 15, 2016

On April 15, 2016 Baba Ji and the entourage left Jodhpur and reached Barmer. Here a congregation was organized the same day in the evening at the Adarsh Stadium. Addressing the gathering, His Holiness said:

“Saints have always emphasized the importance of the realization of Truth or God in human life. As compared to all the achievements of material life this is the most important as it makes life happy here as well as hereafter. Rather one realizes the importance of his life here and hereafter only when he unites with God. Human life has been described as a sign of great fortune because it is here that man realizes God. This makes life meaningful.

God is the source of human values. All human virtues like love, compassion and forgiveness flow from God. Love makes this garden of life beautiful and fragrant while hatred destroys it. We are celebrating Ram Navmi, the birthday of Lord Rama today. He taught us the lesson of love, compassion, discipline and forgiveness. When he returned from the exile of 14 years he bowed at the feet of Kekayee and forgave Manthra who had caused the hardship.

Saints have always taught man to make humanity the base of his life. Born as a human being, he must behave also as a human being. In fact saints have been repeating this message since man did not understand and follow it. He always behaved like a blind person who fails to pick up the pearls scattered on his path, just because of ignorance. Human life is a golden opportunity to get rid of this ignorance and make our life meaningful.

Today, the devotees in Rajasthan also are giving the same message, advising every human being to unite with Truth. Who gives this message is not important. The importance of the message lies in its adopting. We have to see as to who follows the path of religion. Those who spread hatred and violence in the name of religion are not religious people in real sense. In fact they do not know even the meaning of religion. Those who live in ignorance cannot be called religious people.

To leave the path of humanity and live life with the feelings of narrow-mindedness, greed, selfishness, attachment and false pride or ego is always harmful. To be born as a human being is not enough, man must behave like a human being. Since he does not follow the path of humanity, that is why he has been asked to be a man. A person who is already walking on the left side of the road is never asked to keep left. It is only for those who walk on the wrong side. Similarly, man is being asked to behave like man because he is not doing so. Real human beings love all and hate none. And only such people are truly religious.

No worldly possessions go with man at the end. He leaves this world, leaving everything behind. It’s only the wealth of Divine Name that goes with us. Saints say that the one who knows God becomes one with God. Kabir Ji says – I am merged with God so much so that nobody can distinguish between the two. Similar sentiments are expressed by Meera after meeting the enlightened saint, Guru Ravidas Ji.”

The congregation at Barmer was attended by several local dignitaries who included Shri Mewa Ram Ji, MLA. Shri Raj Kishore Zonal Incharge thanked His Holiness and Sadh Sangat.

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