Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

State of Rajasthan from April 14 to 19, 2016

Jodhpur, Rajasthan: April 14, 2016

His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj visited Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jhunjhunu – all in Rajasthan, from April 14 to 19, 2016.

Leaving in the morning on Thursday, April 14, Baba Ji and saints in his entourage arrived in Jodhpur in the afternoon. In spite of hot weather, a large number of devotees dressed in their traditional costumes welcomed the party and expressed their joy with songs and dances. A huge congregation was organized at the Amritlal Stadium the same evening. Addressing the devotees, His Holiness stated:

“You all are assembled here to strengthen your faith and devotion. Saints are always keen to see the atmosphere of the world filled with the sweet songs of love. You were also wishing the same through songs, poems and speeches.

Saints live in this world and fulfil their domestic and social responsibilities like any other citizen. But they make this Almighty God as the base of every aspect of their life. They know that God is the only true base to be relied upon. And those who lead life in the light of this Truth prove to be a blessing for the world. Such saints are remembered with reverence even after centuries have passed. Raja Janak is one of them. He relied on Truth even though he had no dearth of worldly wealth. There are many others. They lived normal worldly life but Truth or God remained the base they relied upon. They did not get attached or entangled with the material world. They always preferred to remain connected with Truth. In fact every human being has the freedom of making the choice. And the choice he makes or what he chooses determines the status he commands. One chooses love and selfless service, while another goes for ego. And whatever one chooses becomes the base of his life, moulds his actions.

The message of Truth had its importance in every age. Saints and sages always advised man to realize its importance and unite with God. It is like the sun had always its importance in every age. It is one of the most important creations of God as a part this universe. Naturally when creation is so important, the Creator should also have His own importance. That is why saints have always given the message to mankind to know God and make life meaningful. This is the message that all should listen and care for. The message that the sun has risen is important for even those who are still asleep. But the irony is that those who do not care for this message have always co-existed with those who agree and adopt.

The choice has always been there for every human being. They may choose any aspect they like. Bhakt Prahlad gave importance to light while his own father Hiranyakashyap preferred to live in darkness. Then in Treta, we have the example of Ravana. In fact in every age there were people who ignored the light and chose darkness. Even in Kalyug today we have those who believe in humanity and toil to strengthen it. And there are those also who are indulging in destruction all around. There are people who bring comfort to others like the trees who bear the scorching heat but provide their cool shade to the world. Flowers and thorns have always co-existed. Similarly, the Truth and falsehood have also been always there, but those who opted for Truth became important.

Truth or God is not governed by time. It does not change with the change in time. The weather, however, does. Even now when it is so hot here, there may be some corner somewhere in the world having snowfall. We experience all kinds of changes in life from childhood to old age. But Truth is always immutable, it’s not affected by change in time or place. Those who unite with Truth, they certainly act for making this earth a heaven. Those who remain connected with falsehood turn this world into a hell.

Human life has been described as a sign of good fortune. This is the only species who is blessed with so much power to think and understand. The expectations from man are, therefore, far greater than any other species. But irony is that it is man who stumbles and falls most. He himself becomes a reason for his downfall at every step. This is what is evident from his behaviour. That is why saints warn and tell man not to tread the path that may make him ashamed at last.

Truly speaking wise are those who adopt the Truth. That is why we are inspired or advised to seek the company of saints. If you want to realise the Truth, you must search for enlightened saints who make your journey easy. Those who find the company of enlightened saints, they find the same gem or wealth of Divine Name that Meera found from Guru Ravidas Ji and became rich or affluent.

And this is the message being given here. Let this voice not remain confined to ears. We may ignore the words of criticism or slander coming from the world so abundantly but not the words of saints which lead to welfare. Let us not only listen to them but adopt them in life also. This will certainly make us win the battle of both the worlds.

So, this is the message given from here today. Let every human being take its advantage. I started this year in Dubai, having similar deserts to Rajasthan. And if we see some greenery in a desert, we feel so happy. Similarly, life adorned with Truth is also beautiful. This makes us beautiful by nature. Our behaviour becomes beautiful. May God bless all with such nature, such behaviour.”

The congregation was attended by several leading citizens of the town including representatives of various religious and social organisations. While Shri Dhaman Dass Ji, Zonal Incharge Ajmer was one of the speakers, the Zonal Incharge Jodhpur, Shri Harimohan Gehlot thanked His Holiness and the participants.

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