Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: April 10, 2016

On April 10, 2016, a huge congregation was held at Ground No.8, Delhi in the presence of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and His gracious spouse Pujya Mata Sawinder Ji. His Holiness stated:

“All of you have been listening to splendid words which are benevolent and they inspire us to live a life full of devotion and strengthen our faith. They inspire us to lead life on a righteous path. A devotee puts these words into practice and makes them even more valuable. Since ages, such words of saints, seers and prophets have reached all of us so that attention of people is drawn to the aspects which have to be given importance during our journey of life. They tell us how our thoughts and acts should be. In every age, saints have given the same message what was being given in the congregation today. It inspired us to make this Truth, Super Soul, God as basis of our life and embellish our life and mind by instilling the Formless One, God in our hearts. When such connectivity is established and we implant God in our mind, we receive bliss, steadfast faith, tranquillity and calmness as an outcome. We then dedicate ourselves to humanity and human values which are truly missing in the world.

Upcoming NIS, which was just spoken about and has Humanness as its central theme, has been preceded by first NIS, whose theme was Oneness. That theme of Oneness was promoted globally because there is only one God which is indestructible and the spirit of Oneness is strengthened by connecting to Him. Humanness has been chosen as the theme now to emphasise on human values which are being spoken about and from where the mankind is rapidly falling.

So often, we see this cruel and devilish face of mankind in media indicating that although man is not a wild animal, yet it has forgotten human traits. Despite being a human he is bereft of human qualities. For this reason, there was so much encouragement here about this theme of humanness.

Since 3rd Aug 2015, when the Toronto NIS Samagam was announced, so many young devotees have made numerous contributions, through various global teams, in between East and West coast of America. Teams in England are also contributing to make it a success and to provide maximum facilities for the visiting devotees. Tremendous achievements have been made already and more efforts are being put in the remaining 80 days, so that the visiting devotees have a joyful time and a fruitful trip. Events of such scale, having global participation, are so uncommon in those countries and they have attracted unexpectedly large participation from India as well. Everyone has been trying to motivate others so that whatever little lethargy that exists, goes away and all devotees take part in this Samagam with great zeal. The joyous moments of such Samagams, like the one that was held in England, make the local youth charged up to a level and proportion like never before. It is amazing to see how those young saints are spreading the message of the Mission. Because they know the local language, culture and perspectives, they are able to converse and deliver so effectively. Through street plays called ‘Pathway Events’, at the prominent spaces in various cities of Canada and America they are promoting other facets of the Mission as well. They are also using social media so effectively and quickly to spread the message of Humanness. In many more activities like Blood donation, cleanliness drives at Railway Stations, youth of the Mission is actively participating. All these acts are bringing respect and recognition for the Mission all around, in India and in those countries as well.

In this manner, the Mission has always remained in the forefront in spirituality and social fields as well, strengthening humanity and spreading peace and tranquillity. It has happened due to the never-ending dedication of devotees in Samagams, as Sewadal, as volunteers of SNCF, for women empowerment and many other ways. All this can’t be possible without true dedication. Without dedication, the participation in such acts is mere superficial to seek some prominence and it remains just an eye wash. With dedication, things are taken seriously and goals are achieved painstakingly.

Saints, since ages, want to impress upon the mankind to rise above selfishness and have good thinking. Those who remain selfish and seek prominence cannot do true service to society, nation and mankind. Devotees here have superior feeling and they remain engrossed in service with a larger objective, silently and are not concerned about getting prominence.

Only saints and devotees can make such contribution because they have an obsession and a feeling of love which gives them strength and steadfastness. They remember God every moment, realise His presence in their every act and ponder how they need to conduct themselves. How they need to contribute at a global level to selflessly strengthen universality and Universal Brotherhood! For this they give prominence to Nirankar, True Master and Congregation. They do not value worldly accomplishments in comparison with these aspects and live in a state of bliss. For them, Sewa, Satsang and Simran are very important and so is the passion of benevolence and to serve mankind.

When asked about his accomplishments from this Mission, a devotee replied that he did not gain anything but had lost many. Explaining further, he said that he had lost narrowmindedness, ego and greed, which was a big accomplishment. I would have gained nothing without losing them.

This is how devotees and saints remain passionate and give Him the utmost importance. They live in this world but remain resolute on the path of faith, benevolence, realisation, Sewa and Satsang. They do not get fascinated by the worldly attractions because they value the salvation they have received.

A devotee always prays to remain faithful till his last breath. Sometimes, one may falter at the last step, and get drowned. Therefore a devotee prays for unwavering faith and a yearning to enjoy this nectar until the end. They pray not to have any viciousness in their mind.

I pray to God to bless all devotees to continue on this path of devotion, have physical, materialistic and spiritual pleasures in life, grace the Samagams and share this precious gift with all.”

*   *   *