Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: March 20, 2016

On March 20, 2016, a huge congregation was held in Ground No. 8, Nirankari Chowk, Delhi in the presence of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Pujya Mata Sawinder Ji. Baba Ji stated:

“I am amongst you after a week-long tour I visited Muzzafarnagar, Najibabad, Jaspur, Rudrapur and Gajraula after a long gap, at some places after more than ten years. In each of those places and at many Satsang Bhawans enroute, wherever I stopped large number of devotees arrived and expressed their joy with devotion. Devotees, across the globe, have only one yearning to live their every breath in dedication and for welfare of others. They desire that this flame of God-knowledge, which has salvaged their soul and is guiding them in their lifetime as well, may continue to glow and in its light, they continue to avoid stumbling. They desire not to let those delusions, which were removed by this light, come back and extinguish it. Just like we cover with hands a flame from all sides so that the blowing winds do not extinguish it, saints continue to attend congregations with dedication, do Sewa and Simran and thus keep this flame glowing. They do not stop the wind from blowing but protect the flame from being extinguished.

Saints have always lived a dignified life and remained connected to this truth throughout their life. They gave preference to this lord over his creation, this materialistic world. They realised the difference between an artist and a piece of art which he creates, between the waves and ocean, which is the cause of those waves. Therefore, they gave preference to this super soul over everything which spans this universe. They realise that His glory is immeasurable and infinite, which cannot be measured by any scale. He exists even beyond what we can possibly comprehend. Despite His expanse, poets wonder how He comes and lives in our hearts. Devotees hold this unbounded in their heart which makes their soul joyful and mind serene.

Even now-a-days we hear many songs lyricised by devotees during the times of Shahenshah Baba Avtaar Singh Ji and Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji. Those devotees expressed the feeling of devotion, humanity and this Truth in numerous compositions with a prayer that this Lord may stay in their heart forever.

During this tour, I have shared many times that a devotee loves his lord just as a fish loves water, a miser loves his money and a mother loves her child.

A fish remains in agony as long as it remains out of water. Often we see in coastal areas how fish flip violently when they get washed ashore but when a passer-by picks up some of them and throws them back in the sea, they become joyful again. As long as they remain separated from water, they remain agonised.

Regarding a miser’s love for money, I remember a story of a scrooge who, while going out for work, asked his wife to extinguish the lantern to save oil. He returned after a while. When his wife enquired, he said that he had returned to check if she had extinguished the lantern or not. His wife retorted saying that she was not foolish and joked about his foolishness for walked the extra distance and having wastefully burnt the rubber of his slippers. The miser person quickly boasted of his smartness saying that he was carrying his slippers under his arm all this while.

We also see how dedicated a mother is for her child even if he turns out to be useless one. She always showers her blessings on him. We often see on TV how a mother animal, despite her limited capabilities, attacks hunters much larger than her size and capability. Each of her moment is dedicated to her offspring.

Similarly, a devotee holds God in his heart, takes His support and remains dedicated to Him.

Saints and seers have inspired mankind to live life in such a state and by adopting this truth. They endured numerous tortures and pains to ensure that mankind gets salvation and redeems its life. Even today the sufferings and sacrifices they endured continue to guide us like lighthouses.

As we just heard, during this tour through Dehradun and Mussoorie in Garhwal region and thereafter in Jaspur, in Kumaon region, saints spoke in local language to spread this message. Thereafter in Rudrapur, which is adjacent to Nepal, many Nepali devotees expressed their feelings of love and devotion and prayed for peace in their country. In their Nepali language, they also gave a message to mankind to know and connect with God. Soul does not get human form often so we must realise our true identity as a soul which is a reflection of this divine light. Saints have repeated these messages because they remain focused on it.

There goes a tale in Mahabharta, in which many archers were asked to take an aim at the eye of a revolving fish. The first archer, when asked about what all he was seeing, replied that he saw mountains, sky, trees, leaves and the fish. The next one said that he saw trees, leaves and the fish. The next one said that he saw the fish. It indicated that progressively they were narrowing down to the desired target. Last one, however, said that he could only see the pupil in the eye of the fish and he was the one who hit the target. He got detached from the physical aspects all around and was focused on the target. Similarly, we often hear commentary of cricket in which the commentator describes how a small cricket ball appears like a football to a well-set batsman. The ball does not grow in size, it’s just that it captures his complete attention.

Similarly, saints and devotees concentrate on God and so is their message. Regardless of their age, kids, young ones and elderly alike, inspire others to know Him. Those who remain ignorant of Him, continue to remain in the cycle of birth and rebirth, delusions and darkness. Saints call upon people to seek this enlightenment and get reprieve from these bondages and illuminate their mind. They ought to know who they are, shun their ego and realise Him as one God. Once they realise Him as one, they also get rid of the feelings of duality. They realise that God, despite His many names, is one. Sufi saints have also said that He alone sits in the lap and holds as well.

Devotees take it upon themselves to spread awareness quoting the manner in which they got salvation. They want others to experience the same and get rid of their delusions. During this tour, only five large, open congregations were planned but whichever city we passed through, including Dehradun and Roorkee, large number of devotees arrived at those places as well. Long queues could be seen even early in the mornings. Wherever we went, we saw benevolence and love filled devotion.

This is how saints continue to dwell in benevolence and their love for God.”

*   *   *