Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from March 13 to 18, 2016

Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh: March 18, 2016

On March 18, devotees got a chance to pay obeisance at Baba Ji’s holy feet and seek blessings. Thereafter, His Holiness and other saints accompanying him left for the last place of halt – Gujraula.

At Gajraula, a huge congregation was held in the open ground near Satsang Bhawan. Addressing the gathering Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj stated:

“We have been enjoying a beautiful atmosphere established by you all devotees of God, because you are hued in the colour of the Almighty and believe in humanity. Devotees keep on treading the path of devotion while fulfilling their domestic and social responsibilities. They lead life with such beautiful feelings that make the environment around them beautiful. Devotees are benevolent by nature. They always inspire people to live with peace. And peace is established when we unite with its source – God and make Him the base of our life. Worldly people live at the level of the material world only. They run after material objects. They are selfish, they are greedy. Then how can they find peace in life?

Man does want peace, but does not move in that direction. You cannot find coolness if you sit near fire. You will find coolness either in the shade of a tree or in water. You cannot reach the destination while going in opposite direction.

Devotees, however, always preach that if you want peace, you will have to connect with God. If you want lasting happiness, seek the shelter of God. Your feelings will gain beauty only if you bring God in your life. Divine Name is the only means to make life blissful. Everything else than Divine Name is futile, it has no meaning. Whether a ruler or the ruled, they are not going to gain a really high status if they are not united with God.

It is said that once you attain God-knowledge, you get rid of all kinds of delusions. So, in order to relieve the soul of its delusions and also the bondages, you will have to realise the Truth. The soul has its own delusions. Its greatest delusion is that it identities itself with body. This leads to all kinds of delusions such as to look down upon others on account of caste. This is all because of ignorance. Man stumbles and fumbles due to its darkness. He discriminates between man and man as high and low. He erects walls of caste and religion that go on dividing mankind. The only way to get rid of these negative feelings is to realize the Truth and unite with God. The light of God-knowledge will remove the darkness of ignorance and then there will be no delusions, no bondages for the soul.

Lord Christ always gave the message – Know the God ye worship. To worship God without knowing Him has no meaning. However, this is what we find going on in the world today. People perform all kinds of religious ceremonies and rituals without knowing the Almighty they seek to worship. And man has always lived in such delusions. There was a time when it was believed that this earth is flat. But the great geologist Galilio found and declared that the earth is round. The orthodox people launched a crusade against him. They called him mad. But a time arrived when the world realized the truth of what Galilio had stated. Similarly, there are many beliefs man has carried on since centuries which are not based on truth.

It is the devotees of God who show the right path. Even today they are endeavouring to give a practical shape to the principle of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’ which means all human beings living on this earth are one family. They are spreading the universal message that God exists in every animate and inanimate object of the universe and He can be known and perceived. Now it is for man to care for this message and decide to know God and make life meaningful.”

The congregation was attended by several dignitaries of the area. In the beginning, girls welcomed Baba Ji with a group song. The local Mukhi Shri Gulab Das Ji and Zonal Incharge Shri Bhupinder Singh Ji thanked His Holiness.

*   *   *