Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from March 13 to 18, 2016

Ruderpur, Uttarakhand: March 17, 2016

On March 17, 2016, before Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and the entourage left Jaspur for the next place of halt Ruderpur, devotees got a chance to pay their obeisance at the holy feet of the Lord Master at the local Satsang Bhawan. Blessing them, he said:

“This human body gains significance if used in the service of humanity. Devotees are always keen to march on the path of devotion realising the presence of the Almighty with them every moment, and serve the mankind. The world today is deluded from the path of Truth. They hurt the others’ feelings even with their words which are so bitter. That’s why it is said that the believer and the unbeliever follow two separate paths. It means they live in a state of life which differs from each other. That’s why even a swine has been described as better than the deluded one. While the swine relieves the village of filth, nobody remembers the unbeliever of God after his death. He fails to make any significant contribution towards mankind.

So, devotees try to improve everybody’s feelings and make them beautiful. They inspire every fellow human being to unite with God and move on the journey of life while praising Him, which is endless, of course. It is said – We cannot describe the praise of God in words even if all the oceans are turned into ink and wood of all the trees and plants is used to make pens. In devotion to God, therefore, we have to surrender completely. Then only we acquire the qualities of life that make it beautiful. While remembering God all the time, devotees serve the community and the nation and promote the spirit of unity, cooperation, brotherhood, humanity.”

On way to Ruderpur, Baba Ji inaugurated a newly built Satsang Bhawan in Thakurdwara, district Muradabad. His Holiness blessed the devotees and said:

“A devotee listens to the message of Truth and adopts it in day-to-day life. He looks at every fellow-being as his own and endeavours for their welfare. Every step he takes leads to happiness both for self as well as others. He or she is happy to serve humanity with physical, mental and material contribution. The new Bhawan will certainly help to hold more and more congregations and strengthen your feelings of devotion to God and service to humanity.”

Thereafter, Baba Ji inaugurated another Satsang Bhawan in Gadarpur in Udham Singh Nagar district. The local Mukhi, Shri Kishan Lal Ji welcomed His Holiness on behalf of Sadh Sangat. Addressing them, Baba Ji said:

“No doubt I tour various states of the country throughout the year, but many places remain uncovered because the Mission is spreading fast in every region. Devotees everywhere, however, wish to remain hued in the colour of devotion all the time. They know that the colour of world, the influence of the world, will lead them towards downfall only. So, they seek the company of saints which strengthens their faith and devotion. They avoid the company of the deluded ones which always leads one to downfall.

A devotee believes that he exists or breathes and possesses everything because of God and His benevolence. They know that life spent with the realisation of God is the real life. So, they wish to be in the company of saints, remember God and serve humanity all the time. This promotes the feelings of unity and cooperation, the spirit of brotherhood. They know that moving away from God even for a moment will invite the colour, the influence of the world. That’s why they remain connected with God. They remain so immersed with Him that they don’t need remembering Him. Even in the world, we do not have to remember our beloved one, we realise his or her presence all the time. Like a fish cannot live away from the ocean for a moment, a devotee too cannot live without the realization of God with him or her. So, they remember God with every breath.”

At Ruderpur, a huge congregation was organized in Market Committee Ground. Thousands of devotees from all over the area were attending. Addressing them, Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj said:

“Man has been described as superior to all other species because he has been bestowed with the power of thinking and understanding which others do not have. But being born as a human being is not enough. Man has to prove his superiority by adopting human values. He must live life based on humanity to prove that he is a human being. That’s the only way to establish his identity as human. It is for man to decide whether he wants to adopt the positive and meaningful aspect of life or indulge in negativity. Has he really left the path that takes him to the opposite side? Has he given up snatching the rights of others and adopted the path of sacrifice? Does he spread flowers in the path of others, does he remove the thorns? If so, only then he deserves to be called a human being. Otherwise, bereft of human qualities, he will be treated as a dead weight on earth only.

Life lived with love is the real life. Loving is living. It means, we live so long as we love. Love for God does not mean mere reading and reciting of religious sacrifices. This does not make one religious or a priest. Mere bowing the head does not mean worship of God, for worship you have to bow your heart.

Here we talk about Oneness. The feelings of oneness arise only when we unite with the One – God. Oneness comes only when we know One. As is said – Know One, Believe One, Be One. Today’s human being seems to have forgotten humanity. And as we know, the salt is no salt if there is no saltiness in it. A sweet is no sweet without sweetness in it. Similarly, if man leaves the path of humanity, he cannot be described as a human being. It means he has lost his real identity. Worldly positions, name and fame, religion, caste and culture are not his real identifications. Man must identify himself with God. That is the only way to know his own real identity – Self-realization through God-realization. Let him know his supreme source – God, who is so close to him. And once he knows God, the feelings of oneness arise automatically.

All saints and sages first realized Self or the Truth, themselves and only then they preaches it unto others. Sant Ravidas Ji, Tukaram Ji, Namdev Ji, Gyaneshwar Ji, Panchsakha, Muktabai, Sehjobai, Bothanna Ji, Vaimanna Ji, all realized Self and then only asked others to do the same. Salvation cannot be attained by any other species. Had it been so, human birth would not have been described as a sign of good fortune. Meera could realise the eternal form of Lord Krishna only when Guru Ravidas Ji revealed it to her.

Lord Krishna describe four categories of devotees – first, those who worship God out of fear; second, those who worship God for material gains or objects; third those who are eager to know God, who seek to Know Him; and fourth, who worship God after knowing Him. And Lord Krishna described the last category as the best one.

Let us pray so that everybody knows this Almighty, lives with love and contributes towards creating an atmosphere of peace, cooperation and oneness.”

The congregation was attended by several dignitaries of the area, including a former Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Tilak Raj Behad. The local Sanyojak Shri Surinder Chawla expressed his gratitude to His Holiness and thanked all the guests and participants.

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