Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from March 13 to 18, 2016

Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh: March 15, 2016

On March 15, His Holiness left Mussoorie in the afternoon and arrived Najibabad in Uttar Pradesh. He was visiting this place after a long gap of 20 years. A huge congregation was organized in an open ground in the city’s Om Vihar Colony. Besides Najibabad, it was attended by thousands of devotees from Bijnaur, Chandpur, Muradabad and other adjoining areas. Blessing the gathering, Baba Ji said:

“You all have assembled here with the spirit of love, devotion and brotherhood with a message to mankind that everybody gets linked with the Formless One and seeks the salvation of soul. In fact saints have always endeavoured to connect the soul with Over Soul - God. That is why devotees are always keen to attend congregations. And each moment spent in the company of saints becomes a blessing.

The soul can find salvation only when it knows and merges with its source – God, which has to be done while living in this human form. That is why saints advise man to value this human birth. This is the golden opportunity to know and realize God. That is why human life has been described as precious as a diamond. We have to get spiritually enlightened and spend it with the consciousness or awareness of God. Otherwise, we shall only waste this diamond–like life like a shell. We shall leave this world missing the golden opportunity, wasting the rare human life.

Man lives at the level of body. He identifies himself with worldly achievements or material possessions, culture, dress and colour of skin. Saints, however, point out that none of these worldly considerations provide man with his real identity. His true identity is his relationship with God. Otherwise, man will continue to fight with man over material possessions and cultures, religion and caste.

When man unites with God, he rises above all these factors. As said – The one who remembers God is the man of God, nobody bothers about his caste or culture. Each and every human being has the spark of the same flame i.e., God. When we know God, all these outer identities get dropped. We do not discriminate one name of God from the other. The walls erected in the name of religion fall down. They exist only so long as we are ignorant or do not know God. They continue to fight and take lives of innocent only because of ignorance. But those who realize God, do not indulge in violence. It’s they who are truly religious.

Saints, Gurus and prophets have been motivating man to live with the feelings of love, compassion and the spirit of forgiveness. Devotees pray for the welfare of all. And this prayer is not confined to words, they endeavour for the same. They advise others too that mere rituals are not the real devotion. One has to know God he or she worships. Man, however, concentrates only on reading and reciting. That’s why we find walls being erected in the name of religion. Those who worship God without knowing are not going to achieve salvation. They must know God and follow the path of Truth and humanity. That’s the only way to make this human life meaningful.

*   *   *