Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from March 13 to 18, 2016

Jaspur, Uttarakhand: March 16, 2016

On March 16, His Holiness inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan and the entourage left for Jaspur. On the way, devotees at Nagina in Bijnaur district also got an opportunity to pay their obeisance at Baba Ji’s holy feet at the plot of land acquired for Satsang Bhawan. Baba Ji also inaugurated Satsang Bhawan at Dhampur in the same district (Bijnaur).

In Jaspur, the congregation was organized in the vast compound of Satsang Bhawan in Garhi Negi. Thousands of people from the area attended it. Addressing the gathering, His Holiness said:

“Man is the greatest creation of God. He has given him the power of thinking and understanding possess by no other species. The irony, however, is that even than he is proving lack of prudence. His behaviour is taking him towards downfall and humanity getting blurred.

The world has its own measures to determine the high and low. The one who has lot of wealth and comforts is described as high. But on the path of devotion only those are considered rich who possess the wealth of divine name. They follow the path of humanity with love. They wipe the tears of others and diver for their happiness. Hence, they are high and rich in real sense. Even if a devotee lives in a hut but he remains connected with God every moment, he is certainly affluent.

Similarly, the world calls a person blind if he has lost eye sight. Devotees, however, describe a person as a blind if he fails to see God. A person may have eyes to see everything in the world, but if he does not possess divine vision, he certainly living in darkness.

A person is wise if he chooses the right path and takes every step with the realisation of God. Similarly, a truly religious person id the one who lives with the feelings of love, compassion, humility and forgiveness. As against those who believe only in reading and reciting, a truly religious person values humanity. He has the feelings to uplift others. He has equi-vision and so he shows equal regard to everyone.

No doubt man has made considerable progress and revolutionised the fields of tele-communication etc. No doubt we have entered the 21st Century and we cannot only talk but see each other even from a distance of thousands of miles. In the field of spirituality, however, man continues to be backward because he does not adopt human values in his day to day life.

Those who realise the Truth and adopt human values do not harm others. Instead, they share their pain. They identify themselves with God-knowledge and act as symbols of divine light. Man has to make a choice whether he would like to follow the enlightened path or move in darkness, whether go for flowers or thorns, whether devotion or arrogance. Only the right choice will prove his wisdom.

Only those who follow the path of devotion can inspire others to have a positive outlook. Such wisdom can be attained only in the company of saints. Those who live in the darkness of ignorance do not go astray themselves, but misguide others also. It’s only in the company of saints that one can attain God-knowledge and remove his ignorance. Only then will the soul be able to know its source and seek salvation.

Man must, therefore, accomplish this task as early as possible. Otherwise, one can never be sure about how much time he or she has to love more. Human life has been described as a bubble of water which rises and disappears in no time. Again, it is like an unbaked pot of clay which may break with a slight blow. Human life, therefore, has been described as a golden opportunity. Let us unite with God and make life beautiful for ourselves as well as others. Let us distribute love and establish peace all around.

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