Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Narela, Delhi: March 02, 2016

A weekly Satsang Programme was held at Narela in Delhi on March 2, 2016, His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj stated:

“In this congregation at Narela an important message has been given for mankind. This message has been repeated in every age and was well presented today by many speakers through speeches, poems and songs. This was to make people think about the time which is passing away. They need to think about the line they follow in their lives, thoughts in their hearts, their beliefs, actions and what brings value to their lives. Saints have always been preaching about these aspects but it is for people to decide what they choose and give importance to. It is for them to move in right direction which has been considered benevolent by saints.

This is what has been considered a wise act. Anyone who does not value his life and the precious time, wastes it for nothing is considered foolish. A sensible person understands this aspect, changes his track well in time and acts to redeem this life and hereafter as well. Human life is very important from this aspect of redeeming the life hereafter. This act is only possible as long as we are alive in this human form. Unless we take care of it during our lifetime, it cannot be ascertained that the part hereafter would be fine and we would get salvation. If we remain misguided in darkness and give preference to the materialistic world, it is certain that our life here and hereafter would be impaired.

Saints continue to remind mankind about this. They explain that human life is a golden opportunity because no other species can think. Also this is the only species in which salvation can be attained. Soul can realise its true self and get salvation only while in human form. Therefore, saints awaken mankind out of slumber and their every message is towards this awakening. They wonder, if not now, when would mankind come out of its slumber. A lost opportunity in this life would result in darkness during life here and hereafter. If we continue to dwell in darkness in this world and remain attached to falsehood, then ruination of life here and hereafter will be our fate. Saints, therefore, remind that the time once lost will be lost forever. They exhort people to seek awakening and come out of slumber. Saints caution that those who remain in slumber will cause their own loss. This enlightenment can only be attained in this form and if it does not happen now, you will have to face darkness. Therefore, this enlightenment and realisation of truth has to happen now. Now only you must get connected to God and let your soul realise its own true identity. No doubt, you must do the worldly tasks and discharge those responsibilities but this is the foremost task at hand. Certainly the worldly wealth has a value for this life but this realisation has been considered even bigger treasure. If you do not receive this treasure and do not get the realisation of this truth, you will remain impoverished. Meera Bai and Sant Kabir mentioned that they received this treasure which made them rich. Kabir Ji said that entire world is poor except those who possess this treasure. It is not that in those times no one had wealth, mansions or large businesses. But in the context of spirituality Kabir Ji annulled worldly accumulations against this treasure. We too have to become such rich by receiving this knowledge of God and truth. Those who receive this knowledge become affluent and conquer both worlds.

Saints always remind that the time is running out and this opportunity is short lived. If you lose this opportunity, you will have to repent but it will be of no use. If someone remains bewildered in a room after closing all the windows while the Sun is shining, it is only he who has to be blamed. It is he who perhaps likes the darkness and bewilderment. It is upto a person if he wants to remain in bewilderment or is keen to seek this knowledge, redeem his soul, make it free from the cycle of birth and rebirth and attain the final abode. While the time is at hand, man must seek company of enlightened saints and fill this gap. Since ages, the enlightened saints alone have helped mankind in bridging this gap. That is why saints always preach to seek company of such enlightened men. Once we get their company, they provide this knowledge, fill the void and unite us with God. Man often does not feel about this void because he is ignorant. Otherwise there is no gap, no void in between because God is omnipresent. The distance is only due to ignorance and there is no physical gap in between. A soul is a part of this Over Soul but remains ignorant of it. Once soul gets this knowledge the gap gets filled in a moment and reunion takes place. And salvation is attained in this world itself. An ignorant man continues to crush jewels under his feet as if in a state of blindness. Saints remind man to seek this knowledge which is very essential and worth knowing. This knowledge is more essential than all worldly wisdom.

We often say ‘Know God’. Only after we know, can we realise Him as one, not many. He has no caste, creed, religion, culture of His own, is above and distinct of all of them. Such realisation happens only after receiving His knowledge. Only then develops a possibility of pulling down the walls of religions, removing delusions about miscellany of God and becoming one. It cannot happen without knowing Him. Had it been so, there would have been no division and violence in the name of castes and religions. That is why we see the walls of castes, religions and regionalism and so much strife all around.

Our yearning and desires of oneness cannot materialise as long as we are ignorant of the most fundamental and who possibly can be the biggest rallying point. Saints therefore start from the fundamental aspect and seek our attention to that. If that does not happen, nothing is going to happen. Those who dream about universal unity and a heavenly atmosphere on this earth will have to take such steps. These steps are in the form of connecting to truth and its realisation which will bind us in a thread of unity. No one would be alien then. Thereafter, there would be no conflicts of social status, religion and any other aspects which harm the mankind. Once we treat the root cause which makes this world hellish or remove the thorny weed, things will change. Enlightenment is the only remedy to remove darkness, which has created all discords. Enlightenment removes all forms of racism and religious divide.

These messages of saints have a universal and global importance. They are not related to any one language, race or community etc. Sun, for example, and numerous other objects of nature which are made by God are essential for every person, flora and fauna on the earth and planetary Solar system. These are made for universal good. When this creation has a universal relevance, how can its creator be less universal? Prophets, seers and saints are also universally relevant because they connect to the one God which is important for all.

Even today, saints repeated same message asking mankind to think about the manner in which this life is being lived and which direction is being pursued. It is important to evaluate this and take a corrective action well in time so that the remainder of this human life is embellished and soul is also redeemed.

Let us take this step so that our body and soul get blissful times ahead.”

*   *   *