Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: February 28, 2016

On February 28, 2016, a huge congregation was held at Ground No.8, Delhi in the presence of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Pujya Mata Sawinder Ji. Addressing the congregation Baba Ji stated:

“You just listened and enjoyed the expressions of devotional feelings in the form of songs, poems and speeches. A devotee is always desirous of hearing such orations which awaken our mind so that it gets a leaning towards benevolence and devotion. Our mind, otherwise, deviates towards worldly aspects and adopts a materialistic character. It drifts towards vices easily but becomes ignorant and demotivated at the mention of truth, devotion and welfare. It’s not something new. It has been like this since ages. People with attitudes of both kinds, devotees and those who turn their back towards devotion, have always existed concurrently.

Often we talk about children how some of them have a strong inclination and interest in academics. They get back to their studies whenever they get time. There are others who always think about sports and are laggards academically. Some people like spices and others have a sweet tooth. Similarly, some like worldly savours whereas others enjoy devotion. Both have different conditioning, thinking and ways of life. He, who is inclined and enthusiastic about devotion and benevolence, is always keen and interested to dedicate every moment of his life for this truth and devoutness. He shudders at the thought of spending even a moment without it. Just like a fish which remains alive as long as it is in water, a devotee has a desire to always remain immersed in this lagoon of devotion and never step out of it. Often people talk about ‘Kalyuga’ as the nadir of all ages but saints consider every moment of detachment from God as ‘Kalyuga’ or hellish. It is in these moments that our mind gets disoriented and strayed. On the other hand, worldly people spend their entire life in such detachment and disassociation from God.

Saints always compare benevolence and worldly aspects, wherein devotion always has an edge. That is why inspirations are given towards congregations and company of noble people. Often the need of inspiration is felt if there exists a risk of slackness and straying. Do we ever need to inspire or motivate someone towards worldly objects? Whenever a need has been felt, it has always been to awaken people towards devotion, welfare and service of others. Had it been so easy or automatic, there would have been no need to spend so much effort in inspiring people towards God remembrance, congregations and seeking a higher stature. Had it been so, everyone in this world would have reached this pinnacle but it is truly challenging.

We talk of so many challenges with respect to worldly achievements, for example getting higher education and seeking good careers. In earlier days, 80% marks had recognition for higher education but nowadays even in lower classes there is a mention of higher percentage. Admissions have become so difficult. That is why parents make children conscious of forthcoming competition, lest someone else may triumph. They encourage their children to score better. Similarly inspirations are given towards redemption and salvation. Any slackness towards this may result into disassociation, straying and getting pushed out of the front line.

In the path of devotion, front line does not include only those who are sitting or standing in front. Anyone who has pious thoughts, even if sitting in the farthest row, is a front-liner. I have mentioned earlier too that only those on the dais may not be devout. Anyone, sitting on the carpet or serving somewhere, who has humility, is attached to the congregation and considers himself the most trivial, has a truly high stature. High stature is not due to higher seating or getting a position of responsibility but it is due to the divine light, nobility of thoughts, serenity of mind and reverence of others. Devotees keep remembering God with a prayer that their mind may always remain connected with God. They wish to have no place or intermission where thoughts other than His persist. They always want to give priority to God and keep their conscience connected to Him.

In the words of a saint – I shall go elsewhere, only if I could get time from the sight of the Lord. Similarly, saints remain so engrossed in His thoughts that they do not need to attend any formal prayer. Such connection and devotion is not restricted to a particular age. We see such leaning in kids, youth and grown up alike. At the mere mention of youth, we often think of misguided young men, addictions and violence etc. around the world now-a-days. But there are so many young men here, who are dedicated and enthusiastic towards Satsang, Sewa, welfare and promotion of the Mission’s message. One poet lamented that youth is the age to grow with a sense of responsibility, but often people drift in this age only.

In the scriptures, we read about so many saintly children like Prahlad, Sant Gyaneshwar etc. Even here, we see so many children with such feelings of respect and reverence and a splendid choice of words which indicates that they have attained realisation in such early age. So everyone, who has such dedication and inclination, remains connected to God, has a high stature. Age places no restrictions in this.

Words of saints motivate us to such aspects which are considered extremely valuable like gemstones. Anyone who puts them on and adopts them earns riches because this direction and track takes our life forward. Saints value these words and follow in their life. We heard today, how society applauds the good deeds and selfless services rendered by devotees. It wonders how such great dedication can be possible in these times when everyone else is hell bent upon littering, weakening society and country at large, with such irresponsibility. Long back we had the State-level Samagam of Bihar in Bodh Gaya. After the Samagam an IPS Officer met me and said – I have a long experience in service and seen many public gatherings. But the discipline I found in your Samagam was an utter disbelief for me. The people were so peaceful. Otherwise we have seen only indiscipline and chaos. If everybody follows your example, things would certainly improve everywhere. It means that people are really surprised to see your discipline, devotion and dedication and they wish that others should also follow this example.

There are many other similar important aspects which people often do not care for. Saints not only remain devotional but also carry out such deeds of welfare of others so that the enlightenment spreads and human beings become noble. Human form has always been considered superior to other animate creatures. It is considered the best creation of God but it is essential to follow pious thoughts and feelings to prove that aspect.

Saints expressed similar thoughts today so that the sense of awakening and attachment to God continues to prevail and we do not think lowly. In the Silver Jubilee Samagam, saints proposed a novel way to contribute in Sewa by weighing Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Rajmata Ji against currency notes. When the scale tilted, some people, who were weak in devotion, commented that Maya or materialism has got more weight. But Poet Almast Ji, who was well established in devotion commented that True Master is much above materialism. This is how saints have a positive thinking. They never fumble but remain passionate and dedicated. This is how they lead their lives and spread awakening as well.”

*   *   *