Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: February 21, 2016

On February 21, a huge congregation was held at Ground No.8, Delhi in the presence of His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Pujya Mata Sawinder Ji. Addressing the gathering, Baba Ji stated: “Those following the path of devotion realise the importance of congregation. Therefore, devotees always participate in them while discharging normal duties of their life. Congregation is a place where devotees talk about truth, to live life based upon truth and they also dedicate themselves to truth. This is where truth is articulated in various forms so that we may continue to consider it important in our lives. Since ages, various religious books and scriptures have eulogised the Formless, the eternal Truth. Numerous saints and seers have chanted His glory and considered Him the basis of entire universe. They gave Him importance realising that He is creator of the entire universe and is eternal truth, regardless of time and age.

God is splendid irrespective whether people consider Him so or not. There are many people, called atheists, who do not even believe in His existence. Whether they do it or not, God is limitless and imperceptible; nothing can bind or contain Him. Saints, therefore, considered this Over Soul, the formless God most important at every stage of their life. They led their journey of life with His realisation. No one can become important unless he gives importance to Him. We hail so many saints today because they never boasted of their personal strength, learning or other accomplishments but gave all the importance to the Lord. Saints like Kabir Ji, Meera Bai, Tukaram Ji or Bulleh Shah are revered since ages because they considered this Truth most important and preached about Him. That is why they were considered as His own manifestation.

A realised saint reflects God Himself. He immerses himself in Him while living his life and discharging social responsibilities. He realises His presence every moment. He suppresses his own significance and gets coloured in all His hues. He believes in ‘Not Me and Mine; but Thy and Thine’. In this manner, devotees worship Him, consider Him prominent and eulogise Him. Once when Baba Buta Singh Ji asked Baba Avtar Singh Ji to count people sitting in his presence, he answered that he saw only One. He began to see God beyond the human bodies as one divine light which is indivisible. Thus, outlook of a devotee depends upon the extent to which he understands and assimilates the revelation of God’s knowledge.

Devotees pray to be in such a state of mind in which they see no one more important than God and live their life by submitting themselves in His trust. They owe every breath and the life itself to Him. They heed to Him and keep unflinching faith in His doctrine. Such has been the state of various saints since ages. They adore Him, love Him. They keep allegiance to Him irrespective of their changing circumstances. They maintain tranquillity and unperturbed gratefulness regardless of the ups and downs of life.

This is the reason why saints are considered superior to the worldly men. Worldly people waver continuously. It is so because their base itself is constantly changing. However, what saints bank upon is unruffled. They take support of God who is eternal and perpetual. On Him, they keep their faith and do not lean away from Him.

Generally, devotion gets linked to accomplishments. People remain devoted as long as things turn out as per their own desires. Otherwise, we witness fluctuations in their sense of devotion. Only those who truly, unconditionally and generously love God, exhibit a selfless and unselfish devotion. They consider Him the most important. Due to this inherent difference, society and even relatives often tend to shake the belief of devoted saints particularly when something undesirable happens. This is essentially because devotees and worldly people have different criteria. While worldly people keep their faith in God so long as their wishes are granted, devotees consider God as the orchestrator of everything and dedicate themselves to Him. They live up to the parameters of true devotion, which is free from selfishness of all kinds. Poets have said it in many ways that true devotees do not seek the reward of a prayer. Meera Bai remained devoted regardless of how many efforts were made to kill or defame her. She lamented that her own family members were engaged in making her faith sway.

Only those who remain steadfast or dedicated and consider God the creator and ultimate doer, are able to set such high echelons of devotion. They remain fully dedicated to Him during their journey of life. They are faithful and they reinforce faith in others as well. Baba Avtar Singh Ji too faced many odds in his life. But, in Avtar Bani and in his sermons, he ordained all devotees to seek company of the faithful ones. Such devotees, who are inherently benevolent, also realise their responsibilities towards the society at large and offer their contributions towards various social causes. It is well known how you all have been participating in cleanliness drives and blood donation camps, etc. Sewadal has always been serving those who are coming to attend Samagams and congregations. It is so because they get such inspirations from the congregation and fully realise the importance of such company of saints and the congregations.

True Master always showers all his blessings on such devotees and blesses them with strength, attitude, steadfastness and serenity to sustain their faith. Devotees keep their mind under check. They know well that all aspects of fame and infamy, happiness and sorrow, togetherness and separation, etc. depend on the state of mind. Someone well said that people will throw stones at you, it depends upon you whether you use those stones to build a wall or a bridge. People do whatever they want unto us but our reaction demonstrates the state of our own mind.

Obviously, only those have been considered in the category of saints who remain forward looking, progressive and continue to remain engrossed in devotion and loving conduct. May God bless everyone with ability and strength to remain steadfast in devotion and concentrate their mind on selfless service.


*   *   *