Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Samagam Ground No. 8, Delhi: February 14, 2016

On Sunday, February 14, 2016, a huge congregation was held at Ground No.8 in Delhi. It was the first Sunday congregation after Baba Ji’s salvation tour of Punjab and J&K. His Holiness stated:

“Today, many saints have spoken about devotion in the forms of songs, poems and speeches. A devotee prays to seek devotion and always remains motivated to live a life filled with it. In the pursuit of devotion, love is most significant. Devotees reach the pinnacle of devotion only by embracing eternal love. I have mentioned earlier too that somewhere in between, love got ceased to be seen as integral to devotion, which prompted to coining of a new term Prema Bhakti (Devotion with Love).

Every saint in the past laid huge emphasis on love. Kabir Ji went on to say that without learning love, a man cannot be considered truly learned. Love is fundamental to all learnings. All spiritual masters and prophets professed love and inspired towards a life linked with God, who is not only an embodiment of love but its source as well. Every mention of love involves a mention of God as well. Since ages, emphasis has been laid on various aspects of love.

Recently, I went on a week-long tour of J&K and Punjab where I visited many towns after gaps of many years. At all places congregations were held on a very large scale. Devotees from far-flung areas of J&K, including Kishtwar, Poonch, Doda, Srinagar, Leh & Ladakh reached Jammu and Udhampur. Similar were the scenes at all congregations in Punjab and everyone there mentioned how mankind is forgetting to spread love, how mankind is following a path of hatred, animosity and jealousy, although saints have always spoken about adopting the path of love. Our homes, localities and entire world can be adorned and uplifted through love alone. Mankind, instead of living with feelings of love has taken to hatred, jealousy and animosity. Saints have, however, always reminded that ‘if you cease to love, you cease to live’. Even toddlers are heard saying that ‘Love is God’.

From the worldly aspects, some people may not have thriving businesses or great jobs but the biggest shortcoming nowadays is of love. If people have a strong feeling of love, it is possible to endure other deficiencies. Even in families, who have been living with solidarity, personal relations can be seen to be coming under strain when the materialistic possessions start depleting. However, those who harbour love in their heart, stay put and hold each other in the time of adversity and jointly endure the times of hardship.

You also heard the words of Sufi saints today, which said that those who do not exchange love, achieve nothing here and hereafter. Those who embrace eternal love, continue to exhibit those feelings of love in every moment of their life. They withstand all hostilities but they continue to maintain a strong resolve for love. Love, humility, magnanimity, contentment and soft-speech have always been the hallmark of devotion practiced by reverend saints. They consider Him the ultimate creator of the universe and just like a couple in love, they too remain subconsciously attached and dedicated to Him.

Those who truly love God remain upbeat and steadfast. They always pray to Lord seeking a state of mind which gives priority to those aspects which strengthen the bond of love. They dread breaking away from Him and become scattered as if beads of a broken necklace. They never let this necklace break because a broken necklace, even if repaired, always has a knot, whose kink never fades. In contrast, selfish people always connect with others through wishes, ambitions and materialistic possessions, which are always prone to estrangement.

Therefore, faithful devotees always talk about sustaining a bond of love with the Lord and fellow saints as well. It is rightly said about the present condition of the world that things were to be used and people were to be loved, but it happened otherwise that we started loving things and using people. Strange are the ways of this world which does not realise true love. People give importance to objects and turn away from truth. Saints use many ways to explain this one aspect so that mankind may turn away from the path of destruction, hatred and desires, and learn to tread the righteous path. May it turn on towards the path of love, harmony and brotherhood!

Saints encourage mankind to imbibe devotion, which is full of love. Those who get fully drenched in love, enhance serenity and lead their lives with a feeling of oneness.

May God give such sensibilities to all so that everyone may continue to dedicate his or her life to Him and harbour Him in their conscience!

I happen to see so many saints who live in the interiors of our country, have difficult circumstances and walk for miles to attend congregations. Regardless, they remain faithful and grateful to the formless Nirankar for having received His realisation and a meaningful life thereafter. They are thankful for getting freedom from delusions and continue to discharge their role by harbouring love in their mind. Saints from various ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, across the world have attained such elevated stature and a sense of gratitude.

May God give such inclination to all so that the aspects, which embellish the life of a saint and promote benevolence, continue to get stronger! Although a well-known poet, Ghalib, said that everyone is not made for love but saints pray that the feelings of love may not be confined to few selected hearts. May everyone walk on this path, ooze the streams of love so that serenity gets established all around!”

*   *   *