Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir from February 04 to 10, 2016

Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir: February 10, 2016

In Jammu, a huge congregation was organized in Kunjwani area. Baba Ji was visiting Jammu after 5 years. Addressing the gathering His Holiness said:

“Today, the entire mankind is passing through tension due to one reason or the other. The principal reason, however, is the lack of human values. Love, compassion and tolerance are becoming scarce in human behaviour and relationships. Man’s selfishness, greed and lust are dominant. The social fabric seems to have become complicated. All the saints, Gurus and prophets have, however, always preached love and brotherhood. They pointed out that God created only one single planet earth for human beings but they divided it and laid boundaries. Here I am reminded of a couplet that says - Nature blessed us with one earth, but we created countries like India and Iran. Similarly, another poet says to a newly born child – You will be neither a Hindu nor Muslim, but being a child of human being, you will be a human being. But we see man living distanced from man in the name of religious. Saints, however, always cherished man to live with love and all other human value.

As said – Human birth is a sign of good fortune. We, therefore, have to value every moment of our life. Let us not waste it and repent at last. Let us decorate our present with love. We must adopt humanity to prove our worth as humans. This is the only way to turn this world into a heaven and become a blessing for the earth. May every human being, therefore, learn to live with love.”

The congregation was specially attended by the Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Shri Kalendra Gupta; Police Commissioner, Jammu, Shri Dinesh Rana; MLA Shri Kamal Arora; and Vice-Chairman of the Gandhi Global Family, Padma Shri S.P. Verma. Shri Ajit Singh, Zonal Incharge thanked His Holiness, guests and the devotees who attended the congregation.

Immediately after the congregation, Baba Ji and entourage left Jammu and reached Delhi towards midnight.

*   *   *