Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir from February 04 to 10, 2016

Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir: February 09, 2016

On February 8, 2016, before leaving Amritsar for the next destination Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, Baba Ji blessed the devotees at Mustafabad Satsang Bhawan (Amritsar). On the way, His Holiness gave Darshan to devotees in Kotli Mughalan and Sujanpur in Punjab and then inaugurated a new Satsang Bhawan in Buddhi, district Kathua in J&K. Blessing the devotees here, Baba Ji said:

“Devotees always remain focused on the Almighty God. After knowing Him, they make Him the base of their life. Since their mind is illumined with God-knowledge, they tread the path of life in divine light and become a source of inspiration for others.”

Thereafter, Baba Ji blessed devotees while standing in the vehicle and reached Udhampur where he was given a warm welcome by devotees awaiting him for hours. Baba Ji was visiting Udhampur after a 12 year-long gap of time. A huge congregation was organized here on February 9 at a site surrounded by natural beauty. The enthusiasm of the devotees could easily be seen from their presence in such a large number from all over the area. The congregation received an environment fully charged with faith and devotion which was established by various speakers through devotional songs, poems and speeches in Hindi, Punjabi and Dogri.

Addressing the gathering, His Holiness said:

“The entire mankind is the creation of the Supreme Father – God. He has created them all as one family. Man himself, however, is creating distances. They are separating from each other in the name of caste, religion, language. No doubt, slogans of brotherhood and cooperation are raised, but no such feelings are found anywhere. Had man adopted love, an atmosphere of love would have been established long back. Today we have children but no childhood (innocence), we have kins but no kinship, we have human beings but no humanity, no human feelings. Saints, Gurus and prophets have, therefore, always advised man to rise from the slumber of ignorance and established himself in Truth. Let him value this human life, where each moment is so precious. We do read and listen that God is love and love is God. Man could also become an image of God, had he adopted love. Devotees sing the songs of love because they have adopted love in their behaviour, in their life.

Let us, therefore, pray so that people live with the spirit of peaceful co-existence, love and tolerance. Born as human, let prove it by behaving as a human being. Otherwise, he will be called an animal moving in human form or body. Life certainly attains beauty, man earns praise and exalts his status only if he adopts human values of love, compassion, tolerance, etc.”

Earlier, several speakers explained the Mission’s principles through songs, poems and speeches. The local Sanyojak Shri Rattan Lal Ji and Zonal Incharge, Shri Bachittar Pal Singh Ji expressed their gratitude to His Holiness and thanked all the participants.

Thereafter, Baba Ji left for the last destination of the tour – Jammu. On the way, he inaugurated the newly constructed Satsang Bhawan at Lansi. Blessing the devotees, he said:

“Devotees remain devoted to God while leading their normal life. They take care of all their domestic, social and other responsibilities and then attend congregations also. They are always keen to be in the company of saints. They know that they will find peace for the mind only in Satsang.”

Dr. Vinod, Sanyojak, Lansi thanked His Holiness on behalf of all the devotees of the area.

As soon as His Holiness arrived Jammu, he was greeted by a large number of devotees at the Shastri Nagar Satsang Bhawan. Blessing them, he said:

“You all come from hilly areas with scarce means of transportation and communication. Even then you are taking this message of Truth and spreading the light of God-knowledge far and wide. This is possible only with the spirit of doing good unto others, endeavouring for the welfare of others. In fact, only saints have always possessed such feelings.

I am really delighted to see your love and devotion. I appreciate the patience with which you have been waiting. It reminds me of a couplet which says - Imagine the intensity of waiting of those who treat even a drop of dew as ocean.”

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