Salvation Tour by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

States of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir from February 04 to 10, 2016

Ludhiana, Punjab: February 06, 2016

On February 6, a congregation was organized at Sangowal Satsang Bhawan Ludhiana. Blessing the devotees, His Holiness stated:

“The colour of devotion fills life with divine virtues and makes it beautiful. Life is beautiful when the mind is beautiful. Saints live in the world but remain above worldly influences. They live their life as torch bearers for the society. They keep their mind always linked with Lord Formless, remain humble and give more significance to ‘Thee’ than ‘me’. Saints remain filled with love while there are innumerable others who spend all their life in hatred. Such people create tension for themselves as well as others. Love is God. Man reaches ripe old age without learning to love. Man wants to be recognized as religious but does not want to learn the lesson of love. All the saints and prophets taught the lesson of love. Unless we learn to love men, we cannot prove our love for God.

Gold is tested on touch stone; it proves whether it is pure or impure. Similarly love is the hallmark of being religious. A saint is recognised by his divine virtues of love, humility, large-heartedness, kindness, compassion. He is recognised by his words and actions.

Young age is a delicate and tender age. Youth needs to be shown right direction at this age. Many a youth get waylaid by the influence of drugs and other intoxicants. They need to be helped to get rid of the habit of taking drugs. Then there is also the intoxication of wealth, fame, power, which is equally harmful. It becomes a reason for the downfall of society. Saints inspire us to get intoxicated with love and devotion. The intoxication of God-knowledge and devotion takes us towards illumination. Saints make their life beautiful. They make their feelings and thoughts beautiful. May God bless so that all make their life beautiful; become torch bearers for the society by living a life based upon God-knowledge and taking the Light of God-knowledge to every man in the world; so that the darkness prevailing in the world reduces.”

The same day while enroute from Ludhiana to Amritsar, His Holiness inaugurated a newly constructed Satsang Bhawan at Phillaur. While blessing the saints present there His Holiness stated:

“May God bless so that all of you take good care of the gift of God-knowledge in their life and make their life beautiful with divine virtues.”

Late at night the same day the entourage of saints reached Amritsar. A large number of devotees were present to accord a loving and warm welcome to His Holiness despite the cold weather. Singing devotional songs, they felt over-whelmed to see their True Master.

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