Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Mayur Vihar, Delhi: January 20, 2016

On January 20, a huge congregation was held at Mayur Vihar, Delhi as a weekly programme. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj stated:

“I have this opportunity to be in this congregation today, where you praised God and also gave a well-meaning message. A well-meaning message does not become beneficial by itself unless we understand its value and take steps in that direction. Only then it becomes worthwhile. Since ages, saints and seers have shown a path to mankind which is benevolent. Their contributions have brought about redemption of soul which has been carrying the burden of births and rebirths and is transiting through various species.

Saints call upon mankind to be conscious of this aspect, seek company of saints and get spiritual enlightenment. This is an eternal message just like God Himself. Our soul gets redeemed after connecting to Him and our life too gets a base. God is considered a timeless, eternal Truth and everything else is considered otherwise. He does not change like seasons. He does not change with changing times and places. This all-pervading God creates entire universe, which is perishable, but God Himself is self-manifested and indestructible.

Since ages, saints have inspired mankind to take support of this Truth but only few understood it and moved towards it. Those who got company of saints got salvation. Their outlook became unifying and of oneness. After they realised God all around, they saw no one as alien. Same perspective has been spoken about here. Gaps in minds, even without physical distance, make us afar. Similarly, due to another perspective we see every one close and as children of God. We realise that everyone is created similarly and has His element.

Such outlook considers everyone a part of God’s global family. After getting such vision, the feeling of oneness gets strengthened and those of enmity, hatred and jealousy ejected from our life. Once the feeling of oneness gets strength, we forget to hate. Even today saints prayed to forget ego, hatred and jealousy and stop creating walls. On the other hand, they prayed to have His remembrance so that they feel bliss and spread cheer, so that their stature is raised and they become helpful to others. Saints also prayed to imbibe all these virtues in their life so that no negative thought sticks around.

Saints have always given such messages and sermons to mankind regardless of their language. In two days from now, 49th Samagam of Maharashtra will begin in Mumbai. Saints there will speak and recite the messages of Sant Tukaram Ji and Namdev Ji in Marathi language. Messages of all saints, in any language, are for the benefit of mankind but the real benefit is drawn when we move towards seeking their accomplishment. These messages are meant for all irrespective of their attire, ethnicity, gender and social status.

Saints always emphasise on what is most important. They also give a word of caution to mankind that not giving attention to such aspects will not be conducive for their life, here and hereafter. For your own sake, don’t take it lightly. Saints not only give caution they also inspire, lend a hand and guide us to the ultimate destination. Fortunate are those who get such association. In worldly affairs, those who acquire materialistic objects are considered lucky and those who don’t are termed unlucky, but the parameters of saints and prophets are different. Prophets and saints have a different benchmark for life and death, rise and fall. In the eyes of saints, those who get associated with the Supreme, remain humble and embrace all have a higher stature than those with mere materialistic possessions. Those who have an opposite viewpoint get into decline. Similarly, those who haven’t received this divine light are considered blind by saints.

Obviously, only those who get enlightened and such company understand the true meaning of sayings of saints. Others, despite having read so many scriptures, are unable to understand this riddle. Often, devotees come and state how they had been reciting so many scriptures since their childhood but understood their real meaning only after coming in this congregation. Only after meeting saints did they uncover the mystery which was hitherto unresolved.

It has always been the motive of saints to uplift every human being and lead him to salvation. It has been their objective to embellish every mind, build serene environment and that is why this congregation has been organised.

I pray so that everyone may receive this true wealth of God knowledge. May every one live life with enlightenment, redeem his soul and continue to tread on this journey of life with the feelings of love, harmony, compassion and cooperation.”

*   *   *