Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Panipat, Haryana: January 17, 2016

On January 17, 2016, a huge congregation was held at Panipat, Haryana. It was the New Year’s first congregation outside Delhi, in India. His Holiness Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj stated:

“It gives me pleasure to be here in Panipat after 2 years amongst you saints who continue to live with Sewa, Satsang and Simran.

During my recent visit to countries in Middle East, UAE, Oman, Muscat and Bahrain, which happened around the New Year, I attended a large congregation in Dubai. Everyone celebrated the onset of New Year and prayed for the welfare of entire world. At the same time, devotees prayed for themselves to live a life full of devotion, Sewa, Satsang and Simran.

For the last so many years, we have also been celebrating the birthday of Rev Rajmata Ji on 1st January. She had an unflinching faith and she favoured so many saints by guiding them on the path of devotion. It was observed this year in Dubai and in the following days few congregations were also held in Muscat and Bahrain.

The Bhakti Parv Samagam was held in Delhi on 10th January which was well attended. Everyone remembered with reverence all those who followed the path of devotion over the ages and in different era. Those who have followed this path of devotion in our times, were also remembered with veneration. Devotees also prayed to become likewise themselves.

Similar feelings about devotion were being expressed in this congregation as well. Every word that was spoken was motivating to follow this path because none of the passing moments will come back. So we have to be very careful every moment, remain steadfast on the path of truth and foster our entire life as well. We should not drift from the path of truth. Everything in this world including time is in constant change and undergoing decay. But, this super entity, eternal truth is tranquil, perpetual, all pervading. It must be made the base of our lives because a building, on a solid foundation, is definitely long lasting. Castles on sand are fragile but a building, which has a rock solid foundation, has a long life. Similarly, saints have always inspired mankind to take His support and give Him preference and importance in our life. Being oblivious of Him can be fatal just as it is for a fish to be out of water. It invites vices into our mind. We become egoistic, narrow-minded and lustful, all of which indicate negativity. They snatch away our delight and bring disgrace. Therefore, devotees pray to remain in His remembrance. When we forget Him, the worldly aspects become dominant but when we meet fellow devotees they help us reconnect and restrain the wayward and wandering mind. They remind us about the grace of formless Nirankar which is above all worldly accumulations. Being conscious of Him, who is Himself the most tranquil, makes us serene as well. He is tranquil inspite of being the biggest doer of this universe.

Company of saints is very important. We are continuously inspired to shun the company of those who follow their own mind, which is considered a bad company and join the company of saints. Instead of being egoistic, greed and narrow-mindedness, they represent humility, broad-minded and consideration for others. Such good company enhances the value of our life and uplifts our thoughts. Having remembrance of God, while discharging our daily chores is considered very important. Saints have raised awareness towards valuing every moment because time once gone does not come back. They remind that mere utterances of His name has no value, feeling Him around is the true remembrance. When a beggar, seeking alms in His name, is more concerned about alms, his thoughts cannot be considered to be associated with God. So every recitation does not indicate His remembrance. It is just posturing.

Saints have always guided on how to practice Sewa, Satsang and Simran. When we look at the world we find that it is disconnected from God, Formless Nirankar. That is why thier tendencies are irrational. When someone is connected to God it is visible in his thoughts and actions. The extent of cruelty, deviousness, bitterness of speech and hurting others establish how much a man is disconnected from God. Such a person might be talking about religion or hailing prophets, but his actions prove that he is not religious or benevolent. Had he been truly religious, he would not have engaged in so much cruelty and viciousness.

A touchstone, for example, establishes the purity of Gold in no time. It tells without doubt, either way, if a piece of metal is Gold or not. No amount of talks or claims can establish an inferior metal as Gold. It is the touchstone which will do so. Similarly, saints say that human actions clearly establish a man’s devotion and his benevolent or humane behaviour. So they want him to be careful and turn his life in such a direction which would establish his humanity, nobleness, healing and comforting nature.

Such messages of saints are for entire mankind including those who are already following this path. If those who are enlightened close their eyes, they are bound to fall. It is not that their path is not illuminated. Their falling becomes inevitable when they walk with closed eyes. Therefore, saints always make us realise and remain awakened because the time is just passing by. Before someone knows, the time is already over.

Saints advise us to be cautious while we are still alive. They remind that there are numerous ways to sink but the only way out to safety is by getting connected to this truth. Only then we can raise our stature and seek glory.

I pray to God to give such wisdom and judgement to all so that everyone may follow the righteous path in his life. May they remain cautious and embellish their life. May they create such serenity in their households, neighbourhoods, nations and entire world so that there is no conflict! May there be no strife and everyone may live peacefully and make this world beautiful.

When Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Rajmata Ji visited Dubai for the first time, the houses there looked like hutments. Over the years, Dubai has advanced so much that Europe looks pale in comparison. So much emphasis has been placed on the horticulture there that it appears like a soothing garden inspite of being a desert and arid place. Similarly, saints remind that if we maintain enthusiasm and awakening then our life too can flourish and we can enhance the glory of this Earth, enhance its grandeur.”

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